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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Our team of cyber security experts use advanced detection and response technologies to help your business achieve cyber resilience.

Combating the modern cyber adversary requires 24/7/365 continuous monitoring, active hunting, deep forensic analysis using cyber threat intelligence, and real-time threat detection.

In today’s ever-changing security landscape, simple alerting is no longer enough.

The traditional Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) approach which includes technologies such as firewalls, anti-virus and log management (SIEM) are now only the beginning of a properly secured network. The real difference with MDR is the trained professionals who are on-site and equipped with the knowledge and tools actively defend and protect your organization’s data.

Having the right people, processes and technology in place for fast detection and response is critical to minimizing the risk of a major breach.

Why Lumifi MDR?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is Lumifi’s comprehensive process for detecting cyber threats to any size business. MDR is at the core of our business and approach to cyber security. We have a best in breed MDR service that has been ranked as top service provider on third party lists and recognized on Gartner’s Managed Detection and Response Market Guide.

With our MDR service you get more than just automated altering. You’ll receive the forensic abilities of a real person and a high-touch approach to investigation and analysis. All of this is housed within our Scottsdale, Arizona-based Level 2 Type II Security Operations Center (SOC). 

How Our MDR Works?

Threat Intelligence

At the foundation of any cybersecurity, service is a threat intelligence feed that allows for up to the minute information about new and emerging dangers in the cyber environment.

At Lumifi, we've built our own threat intelligence for internal use and as an operational tool for correlation against real events.

The real difference with MDR is the trained professionals who are on-site and equipped with the knowledge and tools actively defend and protect your organization's data.

Threat Hunting

SHIELDVision Threat Hunting is the proactive or offensive side of Managed Detection and Response. We use our cutting-edge, proprietary, orchestration tool called SHIELDVision to leverage data from numerous sources around the globe.

SHIELDVision allows our talented analysts to "go back in time" and identify compromises missed by other tools. We can scrub legacy traffic against zero-day exploits and help close detection and remediation.

threat Detection

We utilize logs, full packet capture, and advanced intrusion detection technology to constantly monitor all traffic on your network-- not just the events that trigger an alert.

Our MDR service provides network and application log monitoring, alerting, and reporting in real-time so we can have a bird's eye view. We also work with global intelligence groups to actively hunt for active threats and malicious conspirators who may be targeting your company's industry or network.

Threat Validation

When we detect suspicious indicators, an MDR analyst investigates deeper to determine if a real threat or incident exists.

This process works in sync with SHIELDVision, manual intel analysis, automated real-time scanning/querying. With SHIELDVision, we can correlate against past packet data.

Threat Response

For a validated incident, all critical data is collected and delivered in comprehensive reports to provide you with a granular view of what is happening and how to approach remediation.

Lumifi reconstructs the actions leading up to an event and advises you on mitigation strategies for any compromised assets as well as future prevention techniques.

Threat Alerting

Within the context of our MDR service, we are always gathering intel, writing content, and managing alert volume to provide our customers with a smooth and efficient experience.

Our MDR service provides ​network and application log ​monitoring, alerting, and ​reporting in real-time.

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