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ShieldVision™ MDR

Managed Detection & Response

MDR: Best-in-Class SIEM Managed Through Lumifi’s 24/7 SOC. Accelerate threat detection and response with industry-leading technologies managed by product experts. 

Round-the-clock monitoring and response with the industry’s most advanced SIEM platforms

Our Managed Detection and Response service combines best-in-class SIEM technology with efficient log management and enhanced behavioral analytics. 

 Lumifi’s team of product experts have spent years implementing, managing, and fine-tuning SIEM platforms for a wide variety of use cases. We bring in-depth product knowledge and expertise to the industry’s most in-demand platforms: 

Don’t give attackers the chance to hide their tracks. Expand your security team’s capabilities with ShieldVision™ MDR. 

Deploy User Entity & Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) capabilities as a managed service

UEBA analytics are the defining characteristic of SIEM 2.0 technology. Behavioral analytics go beyond static rulesets to trigger alerts when authorized users and assets become security risks. 

Default UEBA configurations can’t take your organization’s unique security risk profile into account. To truly make the most of the industry’s most sophisticated detection tools, you need expert-led custom implementation, helping you focus on outcomes. 

Detect malicious insiders and credential-based attacks with custom rules and in-depth automation. Contact us to find out how.

Simplify SIEM implementation without the risk of vendor lock-in

Lumifi’s extensive product expertise allows customers to make the most of their existing tech stack — no expensive rip-and-replace implementations here. 

With Lumifi, your data stays exactly where it is. We help you build visibility and resilience into your data governance infrastructure and teach you how to disconnect any third-party service — including our own — from your environment on day one. 

Align operational security with the SOC Visibility Triad

Our experience creating custom rulesets and deploying advanced behavioral analytics can put you one step closer to achieving the full SOC Visibility Triad. Rely on Lumifi for your SIEM management and customization needs to make the most of your deployment. 

Combine UEBA-enhanced SIEM capabilities with full network visibility. MDR Pro links two pillars of the triad into a single managed service. 

MDR Core makes SIEM accessible for everyone

Shieldvision™ MDR Core enables every organization to deploy SIEM 1.0 technology with streamlined log management backed by industry-leading expertise.  

MDR Core includes everything you need to gain 24/7 alarming and monitoring without additional behavioral analytics or automation. For small organizations with stringent security requirements, this budget-friendly option is the perfect stepping stone towards operational security excellence. 

Gain access to enterprise-level detection and response at a fraction of the cost. Talk to Lumifi SIEM implementation experts to find out how. 


Deploy round-the-clock monitoring with custom alarming and prioritized alerts. Our skilled experts provide the insight and data you need to proactively identify threats and mitigate risks before the situation escalates into a full-blown crisis.


Catch unauthorized activity before it’s too late. We specialize in crafting custom rules to detect early warning signs of malicious activity while reducing false positives and streamlining security expenditure. 


Find out how and why breaches are occurring. Our ShieldVision™️ SOC automation tool enables analysts to "rewind" network timelines and detect breaches that other tools failed to find. Our alerts come with AI-enriched contextual information drawn from logs and event metadata in real-time.


Conclude investigations and take action without wasting precious time. Deploy automated response playbooks that use your existing security tech stack to mitigate threats the moment they’re detected.

ShieldVision MDR Comparison

MDR Core
Log Management

Have something else in mind?

Talk to our engineering experts about custom SIEM functionality.

Lumifi has years of experience building and deploying custom SIEM implementations. We offer add-on deployment options for enhancing observability, leveraging curated threat intelligence, and boosting email security. 

Have additional technical requirements or functionalities you want to see in your SIEM? Rely on Lumifi for expert-led custom implementation assistance you can trust. Deploy custom SIEM functionality into your tech stack. Talk with a Lumifi implementation engineer to find out how. 
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