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Introducing Lumifi:
People, Process, and Technology

Our people are the driving force behind customer success. Find out how each team contributes to your security and operational excellence.


Our analysts provide round-the-clock monitoring and response services to customers, investigating security events and detecting threats before they disrupt business operations. Comprehensive incident response and forensic support ensures faster, more accurate detection and improved security outcomes.

24x7 alarm monitoring and response, 365 days a year
5,756+ moderate to critical-severity alerts addressed in 2022
2100+ system upgrades in 2022
82,860,244​+ customer scans performed in 2022


The Lumifi engineering team ensures system integrity and stability, managing software upgrades and security patches while fine-tuning our technology for optimal performance. Our SOC engineers maintain the effectiveness and scalability of customer security deployments and safeguard our toolset against emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.
Health and wellness, up-to-date reporting on performance and retention​
Architectural recommendations, effective planning for future expansion​
Software upgrades and patches, technology always secure and on latest version​
Expanded detection capabilities across logs, packets, and endpoints​
Event source configuration​
Expanded detection capabilities across logs, packets, and endpoints​


Our content team creates the custom rules that enable Lumifi’s security solutions to fit your organization like a glove. Constant fine-tuning and continuous threat detection and monitoring gives our content team an edge over generic deployments with out-of-the-box configurations.

1800+ custom rules created and counting
Rapid Threat Intel Response​
Effectively tune alerts​
Reduce false positives, prioritize critical alerts​
Identify visibility gaps​
Mature Threat Intelligence Program​

Research & Development

Lumifi’s R&D team is responsible for developing and improving ShieldVision™, our proprietary SOC automation service. Our researchers improve the customer experience by implementing AI-powered tools and modern automation workflows, keeping Lumifi's SOC at the forefront of technological innovation.

24/7 production support for ShieldVision™
Develop Proprietary Lumifi solutions​
Implement New Features To Improve Customer Experience​
300,000+ lines of code written in 2023
Ensure Application Up Time For Consistent Security Scans​

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