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SOC: Security Operations Center

Our facility is a SOC 2 Type II certified Security Operations Center (SOC) that provides world-class service to our clients.

Lumifi’s SOC is an advanced SOC 2 Type II certified Security Operations Center (SOC) that contains our dedicated analysts and threat-mitigation experts. Our specialists have secured mission-critical assets in 24/7/365 national security environments.

Unlike our competitors, our SOC is based in the United States and houses some of the most experienced cybersecurity analysts and threat-mitigation experts.

Lumifi is able to provide SOC as a Service, be tool-agnostic, manage or co-manage environments, integrate peripheral tools, quickly detect and respond to breaches, provide comprehensive remediation recommendations, and deliver white-glove service.

These are just a few of the highlights of what we can do.

In the simplest words, we have developed a SOC so that you don’t have to.

We have staffed it with the best-trained security professionals and continue to develop and retain our analysts at a higher rate than the competition. All of this is facilitated by our propriety technology and threat intelligence.

Our goal is to provide you with a better cybersecurity solution at a lower cost than you could create on your own.


Core Capabilities

Build, Deploy & Monitor Content

Forget having to build and deploy tools all on your own. Our staff have experience implementing industry-standard tools as well as smaller niche products.

Perform Investigations & Analysis

Our analysts are able to gain deep insight into network environments to find the root of a problem and can generate valuable reports for business and compliance.

Actively Hunt for Threats

We found that many of our clients struggled to keep a headcount in their smaller departments, much less have 24/7/365 monitoring, and even fewer were able to actively hunt for malicious activity.

Utilize IOC Scanning

Lumifi uses our proprietary SHIELDVision platform to scan for Incidents of Compromise across your network as well as aggregate information across clients.

Analyze Phishing Emails

Many companies do not have sufficient phishing email analysis or management. We can help, offering expert administration.

Reverse Engineer Malware

By doing this our analysts can uncover the extent of the damage and if the threat is ongoing, and what they might have lost to the infection.

Real-time System Health

Lumifi uses our proprietary SHIELDVision platform to scan for Incidents of Compromise across your network as well as aggregate information across clients.


Threat remediation and vulnerability management can put a strain on an already short-staffed organization. Lumifi has been able to help many businesses close the resource and time gap.

Verified Incidents

No more false alarms. Our experienced analysts are able to sort through the noise of alerts and focus on the more immediate tasks at hand.

Expand Your Team with Specialist Talent and Best-in-Class Technology

Our SOC 2 Type II-certified SOC is a world-class facility equipped with some of the industry’s most sophisticated technologies. But that doesn’t mean you need to rip-and-replace your existing security tech stack.

Lumifi helps you make the most of your existing security tools. We make the most of our customer’s security tech stack using ShieldVision™️, our proprietary SOC automation solution. This lets our team act as an extension of yours, generating valuable security insights around the clock.

Your Data Belongs to You – We’ll Help You Protect It

Lumifi’s SOC-as-a-service offering gives you unlimited visibility and control over your data. We don’t take custody over your data or lock you into vendor contracts. Your data remains on your infrastructure, safeguarded by your security and privacy tools.

In fact, Lumifi will teach you how to disconnect any service or tool – including our own – from your tech stack on day one.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue from Your Security Workflow

Alert fatigue drags down security performance and produces false positives. Our implementation specialists create custom alarm and monitoring rules that reduce log volumes and help analysts focus on the most important data first. We manage your security posture, respond to alerts, and mitigate threats for you so that your IT team can focus on high-impact strategic initiatives .

Gain Cost-effective Round-the-clock Coverage

Achieving and maintaining 24/7 coverage is no easy task. At a minimum, you’d need to hire eight security analysts and invest in the appropriate equipment and software. Keep in mind that the average analyst commands a six-figure salary and many security software licenses cost nearly as much.

Achieving continuous security monitoring coverage in-house can easily become a $1 million investment in the first year alone – and that figure will grow every year.

Lumifi’s SOC-as-a-service provides industry-leading expertise and technology at a fraction of the cost of performing security operations in-house.

SOC 2 Type II Certification Ensures Trustworthy Security Services

Our facilities feature robust internal controls that ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and availability of customer data. SOC 2 Type II compliance guarantees that security risks are addressed quickly and professionally, backed by regular independent audits demonstrating how our security processes perform over time.

What Lumifi's SOC Can Do for You

Lumifi's SOC-as-a-service offering provides organizations with a key strategic advantage: operational security excellence. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with Lumifi:
  • Access to a team of product experts. Our security specialists understand your organization’s security needs and provide expert insight into the latest threats.
  • Reduced costs and complexity. Improve security outcomes without building your own SOC and hiring additional staff in-house.
  • Improved performance and efficiency. Your IT team can spend more time focusing on strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.
  • Enhanced visibility and control. Leverage ShieldVision™️ to automate and streamline security workflows without generating false positives.
  • Faster detection and response. Lumifi dedicates scalable resources and expertise to conduct investigations and remediate threats as they occur.
  • Peace of mind and confidence. Lumifi protects your organization from sophisticated cyber threats and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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