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Managed Detection and Response for the Legal Industry

Keep sensitive data private while ensuring the integrity and availability of critical law firm systems.

Earn your client’s trust by safeguarding their data

Cyberattacks against law firms tend to be targeted and highly sophisticated. Threat actors know that legal databases are filled with sensitive data ripe for ransomware and double extortion attacks—and that most law firms don’t have an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) to protect them. 

Preventing threat actors from gaining access to confidential data is a steep and ongoing challenge. Yet managing security operations in-house simply isn’t cost-effective for legal practitioners and their teams. It demands deep product knowledge, scalable access to specialist talent, and unlimited visibility into how data moves through your IT environment. 

 Secure your law firm with managed detection and response services delivered through some of the world’s most advanced technologies. 

Maintain compliance with expert guidance and on-demand security resources 

The American Bar Association requires law practitioners to take preventive measures against data breaches and security incidents. Formal Opinions 477R and 483 establish strict policies for protecting clients from cyber threats, notifying clients when their data is leaked, and mitigating the harm caused. 

To meet these strict standards, law firms need access to cybersecurity resources and expertise that scales according to their needs in real-time. Managed security providers enable law firms to proactively conduct threat assessments, investigate security events, and remediate vulnerabilities before they result in severe damages. 

Be prepared when threat actors strike. Have Lumifi’s detection and response team protect your systems from attack.

Don’t let blindspots become an obstacle to operational security excellence 

Lumifi grants law firms and legal institutions of all sizes visibility into their security posture. Find out where your organization’s security gaps are and proactively close them using best-of-breed security technologies backed by diligent, US-based security experts. 

Our security solutions are structured around the SOC Visibility Triad, which provides a comprehensive framework for analyzing network activity, identifying threats, and mitigating attack risks. The SOC Visibility Triad consists of the following technologies: 

As a vendor-agnostic managed detection and response vendor, Lumifi can help you leverage your existing security tech stack to meet stringent performance benchmarks. We can also recommend and deploy technologies to meet your law firm’s specific needs, while streamlining implementation to optimize costs and deliver meaningful results. 

Proactively address security challenges facing the legal sector

Law firms and legal practitioners make high-value targets for opportunistic cybercriminals. Threat actors are known to impersonate trusted contacts, deploy sophisticated malware, and leverage zero-day vulnerabilities to gain access to confidential data. 

At the same time, legal IT teams face steep obstacles to strengthening their security posture against these threats: 

  • Cloud security misconfigurations. As law firms move more applications to the cloud, the risk of exposing confidential data through accidental misconfiguration only grows. Lumifi provides deep visibility and security coverage to complex cloud environments. 
  • Insider threat risks. Dissatisfaction and financial motivation can result in trusted individuals putting their interests ahead of the firm’s. Lumifi’s behavioral analytics solutions can identify malicious insiders before they have a chance to strike. 
  • Legacy security implementations. For many legal firms, the cost of conducting a rip-and-replace SIEM implementation is prohibitive. However, legal professionals still need best-in-class performance and new features delivered through modern technology and infrastructure. 
  • Lack of transparency. Legacy IT systems rarely offer the level of observability that security teams need to proactively manage risk. Solutions like Cribl grant law firms the ability to control data flow throughout the entire IT environment while maintaining observability and accountability. 

Case Study:

Discover How We Transformed a Legal Organization!

Explore our case study to see how we helped a legal organization overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results. 

Expand your security capabilities with Lumifi

Protect your IT infrastructure and confidential client data from aggressive cybercriminal threats with Lumifi. We provide on-demand specialist expertise for addressing vulnerabilities, conducting proactive threat hunting, and performing incident response activities to protect sensitive assets. 

Our diligent team of US-based SOC analysts is ready to help you keep your law firm protected against advanced and emerging cyber threats. Learn more about our SOC 2 Type II-certified Security Operations Center and our scalable, user-friendly approach to optimizing security performance. 

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