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Security Compliance & Regulations

Don’t Let Compliance Become an Obstacle to Security Performance

Achieving regulatory compliance is no easy task. Maintaining compliance while the organization grows and changes is even harder. Regulatory frameworks like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and ISO 27001 set high barriers to entry.

The security landscape is constantly changing, and regulatory requirements change right along with it. For many organizations, this leads to a situation where the goal posts move faster than your ability to keep up.

That’s because allocating internal resources to achieving compliance goals means taking those resources away from something else – like operational security. Few organizations can afford to take that risk, which means compliance remains perpetually underprioritized while your IT team is busy responding to new security events, alerts, and emergencies.

Design Security Workflows That Meet Compliance Needs

  • Automated workflows unlock the value of security processes that must generate reports for compliance purposes.  
  • Customized data visualization capabilities allow security leaders to clearly demonstrate how compliance goals are being met. 
  • Scalable on-demand access to specialist talent and resources ensures no compliance obstacle is too difficult to overcome.


Trust Lumifi to Guide Your Organization Towards its Compliance Goals

Lumifi helps organizations achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance according to their long-term strategic goals. Our team of operational security experts acts as an extension of your own, helping you offset the burden of handling day-to-day security tasks so that your team can focus on the big picture. 

At the same time, our SOC 2 Type II-certified Security Operations Center is equipped with some of the world’s most sophisticated security technologies. We’ve taken the time to build compliance into our security workflows so you don’t have to. 

We provide unlimited visibility into security operations and leverage years of compliance experience to help customers pass security audits. When regulations change, we operationalize those changes and immediately map them to our security workflows.

Achieve and Maintain Regulatory Compliance with Lumifi As Your Trusted Partner

  • Rely on the experience and insights we’ve gained over thousands of implementations spanning every major industry. 
  • Build observability into your security processes so you can demonstrate compliance and pass security audits with ease. 
  • Transform regulatory compliance from a necessary cost to a value-generating asset that improves your reputation and builds trust among users.
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