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Deploy best-in-class XDR technology with industry leaders. Enable laser-accurate detection and behavioral analytics with Cortex XDR.

Find hidden threats and mitigate risks with comprehensive XDR overage

Traditional security technologies can’t easily tell the difference between compromised accounts and legitimate users. Threat actors don’t have to exploit technical vulnerabilities on secured systems if they can trick employees into giving up their login credentials.

Palo Alto Cortex XDR enables security teams to block advanced malware, terminate unauthorized processes, and stop attackers using behavioral threat protection and powerful AI-enriched analytics. This provides security teams with a powerful, highly automated solution for detecting evasive threats, including malicious insiders and credential-based attacks. 

But powerful technologies like XDR are not easy to configure and deploy. Without clear guidance and product expertise, Implementing an industry-leading platform like Palo Alto Cortex XDR can take years and outstrip even the most generous security budgets.

Managed XDR simplifies implementation and delivers results

  • Customize your Palo Alto Cortex XDR implementation to grant visibility into your organization’s blind spots.

  • Configure automated incident response actions to mitigate threat risks without impacting usability.

  • Consolidate your security tech stack and improve operational security efficiency while reducing costs.

  • Distribute custom rules to every corner of your enterprise, harnessing cloud-scale AI-enriched analytics to improve security performance.

Gain Unprecedented Detail into Security Events with Lumifi ShieldVision™ 

  • Palo Alto Cortex XDR analyzes data from any source and lets analysts use that data to automate incident response.

  • Lumifi’s proprietary ShieldVision™ SOC automation service delivers detailed notifications with data drawn from the three pillars of the SOC Visibility Triad: EDR, NDR, and SIEM.

  • We use automation to correlate Cortex XDR data with the rest of your security tech stack and deliver alert notifications with personalized recommendations.

Make Lumifi your Palo Alto Cortex XDR implementation partner

  • Scale your security capabilities. Our highly trained SOC staff act as an extension of your team from our fully-certified, US-based SOC.

  • Deploy customized XDR rules. Lumifi has built 1800+ custom rules to provide customers with unique detection capabilities across multiple tech stacks.

  • Rely on proven expertise. Our team has performed complex Palo Alto Cortex XDR deployments for global enterprises, government organizations, and more.

  • Manage complex assets easily. Our glass box approach gives customers complete visibility and control over their assets and data.

  • Trust award-winning security partners. Lumifi has earned multiple awards for its industry-leading managed detection and response services and enjoys a renewal rate of almost 100%.

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