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User Entity and Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) enhanced with custom rules and human expertise. Make Lumifi your New-Scale SIEM implementation partner.

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Detect malicious insiders with UEBA-enhanced SIEM capabilities

Traditional SIEM-only (SIEM 1.0) platforms trigger alerts according to correlation-based, static rules, that don’t take context into account. Without context, many alarms are simple 'false positives', taking time from limited resources and response actions.

Exabeam leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze the behaviors of individual accounts and assets throughout the organization. Exabeam assigns a dynamic risk score to each one and uses machine learning to detect anomalous behaviors, scoring risk for all anomalous activities. The UEBA engine accelerates investigations, reducing inaccuracies by putting action and activity in the context in which it occurred. The UEBA engine also helps prevent misses, as all sessions and all anomalous activities are scored. Outcomes Navigator allows Lumifi and the client to tailor Exabeam around use cases and outcomes, not just rule matches.

Every organization is unique. It takes more than a "set it and forget it" SIEM configuration to reliably detect malicious insiders and advanced persistent threats.

Optimize detection and response with custom-crafted Exabeam rules

  • Deploy tailored rules and models that grant in-depth session data for suspicious activities in near real-time.
  • Integrate your SIEM with other security tools in your tech stack, ensuring complete visibility and control.
  • Leverage automation to streamline manual investigations and stop threat actors quickly.
  • Use continuously evolving SIEM rules and models to detect malicious insiders using your organization’s assets against you.

Enhance UEBA Insights with Lumifi ShieldVision™️

Lumifi’s proprietary ShieldVision™ SOC automation service combines SIEM with EDR and NDR to deliver detailed, near real-time alerts, resulting in immediate action. These three technology groups make up the SOC Visibility Triad – the cornerstone of the modern enterprise security stack.

  • Exabeam enables advanced behavioral analysis, expanding the depth and detail of SIEM analysis, coupled with unlimited correlation rules and continuous threat hunting.
  • ShieldVision™ leverages SIEM alert and behavioral insights with network and endpoint security data, enriching alerts from any point of the Triad with valuable context from the other platforms.
  • Get personalized security recommendations by human expertise and insight delivered to your team.

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Make the most of Exabeam with Lumifi as your implementation partner

  • Expand your SOC. Our SOC staff consists of highly trained US-based Exabeam product experts who act as an extension of your team.
  • Deploy custom rules. Lumifi posses more than 400+ custom rules and models to augment Exabeam’s capabilities and automate incident response, while also providing continuous threat hunting.
  • Trust product experts. We bring unparalleled experience with complex SIEM deployments, with over 2500 successful SIEM deployments worldwide.
  • Deploy glass box security. Lumifi’s glass box approach provides comprehensive visibility into your security workflows across any number of security tools.
  • Partner with industry leaders. Our near 100% renewal rate has led Exabeam to name us its Partner of the Year for two consecutive years.


Grant Leonard, Lumifi - Technical Person of the Year - AMERICAS

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