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Leverage AI to Protect the Entire Enterprise with SentinelOne Singularity XDR. SentinelOne puts your data to work securing endpoints, cloud assets, and user identities through a centralized XDR platform. 

Gain enterprise-wide visibility and protection

SentinelOne XDR draws security insights from across the entire enterprise, enriching endpoint detection and response with data from across your entire hybrid IT infrastructure.  

Secure your critical assets and data regardless of whether they live on-premises, in the cloud, or in your user’s pockets. Manage risk and launch incident response actions from a single platform. 

Reduce risk, lower costs, and increase security efficiency with SentinelOne XDR

SentinelOne lets you consolidate security products through a centralized platform that enhances endpoint security insights with data drawn from across the entire tech stack. 

Improve remediation times, reduce detection delays, and slash operational costs with AI-enhanced automation. SentinelOne provides enterprise-level security to organizations of any size. 

Protect your organization with AI cybersecurity products backed by industry-leading expertise. Talk to a Lumifi XDR specialist now. 

Address the SOC Visibility Triad with SentinelOne as your XDR platform

XDR is one pillar of the Gartner SOC Visibility Triad, along with NDR and SIEM. SentinelOne Singularity XDR consolidates multiple detection and incident response capabilities into its unified data lake platform, bringing AI-powered security tools to your entire security tech stack. 

Integrate your NDR and SIEM solutions and SentinelOne using Lumifi’s expertise and ShieldVision. 

Fuel XDR actions with ShieldVision™ insights

ShieldVision™ is Lumifi’s SOC automation service that provides high-quality insight into security events and suspicious activities, drawn from across the entire enterprise tech stack. We use ShieldVision to provide you with comprehensive data on every detected event. 

SentinelOne’s seamless integration capabilities and deeply customizable ruleset makes it a powerful addition to any detection and response tech stack. Rely on Lumifi expertise to configure your XDR deployment for maximum effect. 

Make the most of SentinelOne Singularity XDR. Speak to a Lumifi implementation expert to find out how. 

Customize your SentinelOne implementation with unparalleled product expertise

Lumifi excels at building and deploying highly customized XDR implementations that leverage state-of-the-art AI technology. Let our team configure and deploy SentinelOne to optimize security event outcomes. Reduce costs and manage risks with expert-led guidance. 

Our team has built thousands of custom rules that expand the plug-and-play capabilities of advanced security tools like SentinelOne. Entrust your XDR implementation to our team of product experts and discover the power of in-depth customization. 

Speak to a SentinelOne implementation expert now to learn more. 

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