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Gain Actionable Threat Intelligence Insights with Anomali ThreatStream. Filter out the noise in your threat intelligence data feed. Make better decisions with greater confidence. 

Give incident response teams the data they need — without overwhelming them with data they don’t

Generic open-source threat intelligence feeds contain an overwhelming volume of false positive and low confidence data. Incident response teams are working against the clock. No one has time to manually query each feed in an active cyberattack scenario. 

 Anomali ThreatStream curates threat intelligence feeds to prioritize IOC that could exploit your organization’s actual vulnerabilities. Anomali equips analysts to make better decisions when faced with complex threats.  

Find out how Anomali ThreatStream can help you improve your threat detection and response workflow. 

Improving Visibility and Preventing a Miss - Part 3: Custom PowerShell Rules

Apply a risk-based approach to threat detection and response

Operational security excellence is all about identifying and reducing risk. Curated threat intelligence gives you the ability to manage risk more effectively and lower the costs associated with risk management tasks. 

Reduce the complexity and volume of threat data by filtering out everything that doesn’t apply to your unique risk profile. Improve the accuracy and reliability of security operations and incident response. Automatically include your own in house data, if you choose. 

Have contextually relevant threat insights delivered when you need them most. Speak to a threat intelligence expert to find out how. 

Implement Anomali ThreatStream with Lumifi as your trusted MDR partner

Lumifi's managed detection and response service provides you with comprehensive visibility into your security environment and strategic guidance on how to improve it. Threat intelligence augments these insights with timely, high-confidence information regarding active and business relevant IOCs. 

Anomali ThreatStream is a valuable add-on to any of our managed detection and response packages. Streamline incident response and contextualize security events by integrating Anomali insights with ShieldVision™ and get detailed information about every threat you encounter. 


Lumifi + Anomali: Proactive threat hunting as a service

Our SOC leverages Anomali to push highly targeted threat intelligence data to our customers’ platforms. This allows our analysts to conduct proactive threat hunting investigations, looking into how emerging threat actors interact with known vulnerabilities. 

Anomali compiles and validates threat intelligence from a wide range of sources, providing accurate prioritization and scoring that enhances threat detection workflows. 

Enjoy the benefits of having your own dedicated threat intelligence team without hiring new personnel. 

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