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Lumifi + Castra
Delivering Next-Generation Managed Detection and Response
An Illuminating Solution
Lumifi’s proprietary cybersecurity solutions are designed ​with your unique challenges and assets in mind. Our ​advanced technologies and processes position us to ​bring your organization the very best in customized ​cybersecurity services.
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Tenured Experts In Cybersecurity

As cyberthreats and data breaches proliferate and grow more sophisticated, keeping your business safe by staying one step ahead of malicious actors is crucial. Not only can a breach potentially bankrupt your company but recovering from the reputational damage is near impossible.

At Lumifi we help you discover, design, deploy and operate custom cybersecurity solutions to protect every online facet of your company.  Whether you already have an existing cybersecurity structure or are looking to build from the ground up, we focus on understanding your needs and delivering a holistic and personalized plan that protects you against all threats.

The Lumifi Approach

Together We Protect Businesses

Threat management

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

A complicated process simplified for our customers.

Threat Intelligence

Our threat intelligence feed allows ​for up to the minute information ​about new and emerging dangers in ​the cyber environment. At Lumifi, our trained professionals ​are on-site and equipped with the ​knowledge and tools to actively ​defend and protect your ​organization's data.

Threat Hunting

Our technology allows our talented ​analysts to "go back in time" and ​identify compromises missed by ​other tools. We can scrub legacy ​traffic against zero-day exploits and ​help close detection and ​remediation. We also work with global ​intelligence groups to hunt for ​active threats and malicious ​conspirators who may be targeting ​your company's industry or network.

Threat Detection

We utilize logs, full packet ​capture, and advanced intrusion ​detection technology to ​constantly monitor all traffic on ​your network-- not just the ​events that trigger an alert.

Our MDR service provides ​network and application log ​monitoring, alerting, and ​reporting in real-time.
Better cybersecurity at lower costs

What Can We Do For You?

Worried about threats lurking undetected in your network? Our elite team of threat hunters analyze all endpoint event data to quickly and effectively stop highly sophisticated attacks that would otherwise go undetected.

IoC’s are the breadcrumbs left by penetrators that inform our team that your system may have been compromised. Our cybersecurity experts utilize IoC Scanning to help detect, prevent, & mitigate all malicious activity on your behalf.

Our security operations specialists create custom defensive data to help arm your network against attacks. We carefully analyze all data sources and only build content on threats that actually matter to you.

Tracking your system health in real-time is essential to ensure security. Together with our team, we help you design a fail-safe threat response, monitoring all data including user activity and systems access in real-time.

Our team of dedicated cybersecurity experts provide 24/7 vulnerability monitoring 365 days a year so you can focus on the core of your business while leaving the protection of your IT environment to the experts.

With cyber-crime becoming stealthier and more sophisticated, having an experienced cybersecurity partner is crucial. Our team helps you identify and fix all potential breach points with thorough investigations.

Our cybersecurity team will help you react, address and recover from cyber incidents across your critical systems and networks. From analyzing the root cause to responding to incidents, our team will bring you back online ASAP.

By working with our team, we help you detect and contain threats to your security before they spread. We help you assess your current risk, set up a monitoring process and apply solutions to current vulnerabilities.

Reverse engineering malware expertise is gained over time and experience. Our team is built up of seasoned experts who know the capabilities & functionalities of the various malware families to help your business remediate threats.

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