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Email Security

Lumifi leverages best-in-class security solutions to prevent phishing and social engineering attacks. Keep your users safe with our highly effective email security solutions, backed by highly trained product experts.

Stop Email Phishing At its Source

More than nine out of ten cyberattacks start with phishing. Generative AI gives attackers the ability to craft credible messages that can trick even the best-trained employees.

Lumifi’s multi-layered approach to email security keeps fraudulent messages out of your inbox altogether. Use reputation and content analysis to protect your inboxes from a wide range of phishing threats, from automated spam to deep spear phishing attacks.

There’s No Replacement for Human Expertise

We leverage industry-leading email gateway solutions to detect sophisticated threats before they land in your inbox. We leverage AI-enriched detection algorithms to detect threats even when they don’t contain malicious payloads, keeping inbox users safe from BEC attacks and social engineering.

Deploy Multi-layered Detection

Even the most advanced email security solutions can’t stop every threat there is. Lumifi’s radical approach to transparent operations and operational security lets you manage risk more effectively.

Proofpoint + IRONSCALES™: Definitive Email Security

Lumifi puts extensive product expertise at the helm of your email security implementation. Our operational security experts will help you protect your organization against phishing, social engineering, and account takeovers using two of the most reputable solutions available in the industry.

  • Proofpoint provides in-depth protection against identity-based threats. Our configuration expertise helps you detect and respond to attackers before they gain a foothold in your system.
  • IRONSCALES™ is a complete post-delivery email protection solution that verifies incoming messages without delaying delivery. Gain AI-enhanced insight into email threats without slowing communication down throughout the enterprise.

Make the most of your email security implementation by relying on expert support and insight from Lumifi’s team. Have our team configure your email security tools to protect against sophisticated threats while reducing false positives and facilitating fast, secure communication.

Deploy Enterprise-Grade Email Security Now

No organization should expose its users to increasingly sophisticated AI-powered email threats. Lumifi’s Glass Box approach and deep commitment to providing in-depth knowledge of complex threats makes it an industry leader.

Make Lumifi your email security partner and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your communications can be trusted. Schedule an Environment Review to find out how.

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