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Our Approach

The Lumifi Difference

Lumifi has delivered top-of-the-line Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services for over a decade, but our approach remains innovative.

Implementing unnecessary new tools and programs can be expensive and time-consuming to retrain your team. Lumifi is able to interface with leading industry tools you already have in order to expand your security suite.

Our experts help evaluate and implement cost-saving tools and technology. By allowing us to manage and monitor your cybersecurity products, you are able to spend less than the cost of hiring your own analysts and engineers.

Many cybersecurity tools require constant management and oversight to be truly useful to an organization. We understand this, actively hunting and assessing threats on your behalf.

Consultative Approach

We take time to understand your business needs and assess the best tools and solutions. Our company provides service to small and large organizations and across many industries, helping them create, implement, and manage their cybersecurity tools and processes.


Unlike our competitors, we do not force our clients to adopt products they don't want or need. We manage or co-manage your security infrastructure, letting you keep the products you love and helping you discover new ones you haven't met.

Our Experience

We've been performing complex forensic cybersecurity before the term Managed Detection & Response (MDR) was fashionable. With over a decade in the industry, we are among a handful of Managed Security Providers that can provide true MDR services.

Few of our competitors have the depth of knowledge and experience that ours does in tools as well as our expert staff and leadership.

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