Why Lumifi?

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You have specific needs, we have custom answers. Lumifi exists to bring your business a holistic and personalized cybersecurity plan. From our expert-created custom content to our revolutionary attack simulation, our model has what you need.



What we know, you'll know. Lumifi believes in a client-centric partnership model, which means giving you access to your data and detailed reports. With Lumifi working together with you on your cybersecurity posture, you'll never be kept in the dark.



Most cybersecurity tools come out-of-the-box, but chances are your business needs a more proactive approach, Lumifi invests in tools and processes that promote identifying and remediating threats before they become catastrophic.

Shedding Light on the dark side of cyber

A Consultative Approach

We take time to understand your business needs and assess the best tools and solutions. Our company provides service to small and large organizations and across many industries, helping them create, implement, and manage their cybersecurity tools and processes.

We work with your current toolset

Implementing unnecessary new tools and programs can be expensive and time-consuming to retrain your team. Lumifi is able to interface with leading industry tools you already have in order to expand your security suite.

We keep costs low

Our experts help evaluate and implement cost-saving tools and technology. By allowing us to manage and monitor your cybersecurity products, you are able to spend less than the cost of hiring your won analysts and engineers.

We position you to be more resilient

Many cybersecurity tools require constant management and oversight to be truly useful to an organization. We understand this, actively hunting and assessing threats on your behalf.


Let Us Show You How We Build Our Cybersecurity Plans

At Lumifi, we are committed to your success. Our team has decades of experience and we would like to show you how a partnership with Lumifi can keep your organization moving forward.

Would you like more information, but you’re not ready to schedule a meeting with us? No problem! Download our Security Posture Priorities document and contact us whenever is best for you.

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