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Revamping a Media Company’s Cybersecurity Practices in 72 Hours

Revamp media company cybersecurity case study

Challenge: One of Lumifi’s MSP partners contacted our team on a Saturday. The MSP had a client that was breached earlier that day, and they were working to get their systems back up and running. Incident response agents had already been deployed in the environment for clean up, but the partner knew they would need a 24/7 SOC watching over their systems to prevent similar incidents moving forward. 

Solution: Lumifi collaborated closely with the MSP over the weekend and into Monday to assist with the deployment of Sentinel One into the client’s environment. Sentinel One was chosen not only because it offers additional modules that allow for growth in the future, but it also offers up to $1 million in ransomware insurance that grants the end client peace of mind. Since the partnership had already been established, Lumifi and the MSP had a predetermined playbook for how to respond quickly when these events occur.

The onboarding was completed, and the client was added to Lumifi’s Managed Detection and Response service just 72 hours after the initial call from the MSP over the weekend. The client now has access to more than 14 years of content and threat hunting with Lumifi’s ShieldVision tool.

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