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Threat Intelligence

Filter Out the Noise with Curated Threat Intelligence Data

Threat intelligence feeds provide analysts with up-to-date information about emerging threats and provide insight into threat actor motivations. However, generic open-source feeds contain an overwhelming volume of data. Analysts don’t have time to manually query these feeds – so they don’t.

Security analysts are already pressed for time. If querying threat intelligence data takes too long, they’ll skip the process altogether. 

That’s why organizations need to filter out the threats and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) that don’t apply to them. Your threat intelligence feed should prioritize threats that exploit vulnerabilities your organization actually has

Curated Threat Intelligence Provides Contextually Relevant Insight  

  • Enable your security team to focus its time addressing the threats that matter most to your organization.  
  • Reduce the complexity and volume of threat data by filtering out everything that doesn’t apply to your unique risk profile. 
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of security operations and incident response. 

How Lumifi Can Help You Leverage Curated Threat Intelligence

Lumifi's managed detection and response service provides you with comprehensive visibility into your security environment and strategic guidance on how to improve it. Our threat intelligence service is a core part of the platform we use to streamline incident response and contextualize security events. 

We achieve these goals through core technology partnerships with best-in-class threat intelligence and digital risk vendors:  

  •  Cyberseer Digital Shadows. See your organization through a hacker’s eyes. Find out where your security blind spots are and address them completely.
  • Anomali ThreatStream. Curate your threat intelligence feed to prioritize IoC data that corresponds to your organization’s actual risk profile. 


Lumifi's Acquisition of Netsurion!

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