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Enhancing Accounting Firm's Cybersecurity with Lumifi's Expertise

Security Tools: Microsoft Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint

Description of Pain or Challenge: An accounting firm invested in Microsoft E5 licensing but encountered difficulties in fully implementing Defender for Endpoint. Moreover, they lacked the expertise to deploy Microsoft Sentinel or efficiently manage either tool to their maximum potential.

Solution Overview: Lumifi collaborated closely with the client to fine-tune Defender for Endpoint, expanding the environment review to encompass both the endpoint tool and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) capabilities. Providing industry best practices tailored to their organization, Lumifi successfully completed the onboarding process for the tools. This was particularly appealing to the small business, as it offered 24/7 monitoring without the need for an extensive in-house team with graduated resource capabilities.

The onboarding process was executed seamlessly, and the client expressed widespread positive feedback. Their overall security posture saw a significant improvement through the successful tool onboarding and knowledge sharing with key roles within the client organization. Consequently, this client became a valuable reference for Lumifi's future engagements with industry-specific clients or those requiring expertise in specific technologies.

Technology Description: Microsoft Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint, Dedicated Onboarding Team.



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