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Transforming Cybersecurity: Lumifi’s Journey with Azure Sentinel in the Accounting Industry

Description of Pain or Challenge:​
An accounting company’s internal IT strategy prompted the move to a colo data center, which offered security monitoring services. While the accounting team initially favored our service, they were not given the option to retain it. After observing another partner’s attempt to manage a SIEM (now required to use Azure Sentinel), they found the newly mandated service lacking in knowledge, security expertise, and consultative guidance. Consequently, the accounting company initiated internal efforts to return to Datashield (Lumifi).

Solution Overview:
With previous experience in NetWitness, the organization transitioned to Azure Sentinel, necessitating thorough onboarding. Lumifi, supporting Sentinel as a monitored SIEM solution, expedited the adoption process, achieving operational status within weeks, a significant improvement from their previous provider.

Leveraging Lumifi’s Sentinel expertise, the organization swiftly embraced logging best practices and operational monitoring. This laid a robust foundation for further development, encompassing custom content creation, parsing, and dashboard development. Lumifi’s contributions enhanced SIEM maturity. Beyond technical implementation, Lumifi delivers continuous threat hunting, content development, and insights into emerging cybersecurity threats and events

Technology Description:
Formerly NetWitness, Migration to Azure Sentinel, Lumifi Managed Security Services



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