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What Is Managed Detection and Response and Why Do You Need It?

By Elliot Anderson  |  December 22, 2021

The security of data and systems is one of the most important concerns in today' business world. If your data is at risk or compromised, it can cripple your operations along with the trust others have in your business.

The problem is that security risks continue to multiply and become more advanced. There are more potential cyber attacks out there than your team might be able to track or address. That' why you need a managed detection and response service.

What Is Managed Detection and Response?

Also known as MDR, managed detection and response is a service that identifies active threats to your organization and responds to eliminate, contain, and investigate them.

An effective MDR offers a wide range of benefits, from protecting your organization from outside cyber threats to saving valuable resources.

Companies today need to know how to prevent cyber attacks. Part of the solution is maintaining an elevated level of security that works to anticipate and respond to attacks before they do real damage.

An expert MDR service provides sophisticated protection against known and developing threats.

Staffed with skilled professionals, just like Lumif's U.S. Based SOC, an MDR uses the latest tools to combat ever-increasing threats to your data. As the sophistication of threats to your data increases, so too should your ability to respond and address them.

How a Managed Detection and Response Service Can Save Your Organization

The cost of cyberattacks can be monumental. It can include days invested to recover data and to address previously undetected security weaknesses. It may mean the loss of customers and trust—the attack can be crippling. Investing in an effective MDR can save you the headaches, expense, and damage resulting from compromised security.


The time you save by employing the services of an MDR partner adds up significantly. Your valuable time won't be spent recovering from a cyber attack.

You also save the many hours it takes to keep your team up to speed on hunting current and developing cyber threats. Keeping industry-leading experts on staff would take many hours of training and work.


When you have an MDR service on your team, you save a huge line item on your budget. The staffing and training required to have the necessary expertise to keep up with developing security threats would take a serious toll on your bottom line.

On top of the staffing requirements for real cyber security, an MDR saves you the enormous cost of enduring a harmful cyber-attack. The lost data, and potentially the lost business, would likely cost you far more than the MDR service.

Time Management

When you trust a reliable and transparent managed detection and response service, you hand over a huge effort that requires many hours of diligent work. This allows you to focus on the core purpose of your organization.

You don't have to blindly follow your MDR partner' lead, though. With the right partner, you get the security service you need while still knowing what' going on and accessing your security data.

What Makes Lumifi's Take on MDR Different?

Many MDR services have a major flaw—they keep you in the dark. Instead of forming a transparent partnership that gives you access to all the data and security measures involved, it' all locked in a mystery box. You're left to trust their service blindly. This prevents you from truly knowing how secure your data is, and it leaves you dependent on your MDR partner, so you lose the option to change vendors.

Lumifi is different. We employ a glass-box approach to managed detection and response. This gives you access to all the data gleaned from detected and anticipated threats. You can review and evaluate the data anytime you like, and you can take it with you if you choose to go another direction.

Our willingness to share information with our partners increases trust and makes our work more effective. It also allows you to see that our experts know what they're doing, and they're not afraid of a little scrutiny.

Find Out Why Lumifi is the Right Information Security Choice

Lumifi takes MDR to the next level. In addition to offering a fully transparent service, we also provide an innovative approach to cyber security. We don't just wait for threats to materialize. Our experts are constantly tuning your SIEM to help guard your environment against potential threats, so we can anticipate and prepare for them before they attempt to strike.

You can rest assured knowing that a team of skilled experts is constantly working to keep your data and organization safe from threats.



By Elliot Anderson
What Is Managed Detection and Response and Why Do You Need It?

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