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Malicious Insiders in Healthcare: The Moment UEBA was Made For

With UEBA-powered platforms like Exabeam, you can catch threat actors who already work within your network.  External threats aren't the only kind of threat security leaders need to prepare for. Insider threats often pose an even greater risk. 

How to Leverage UEBA to Address Your Organization' Unique Risk Profile

You can make UEBA technology work right out of the box – but custom configuration is needed to unlock its real value.   User Entity and Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) technology is a game-changing addition to any security tech stack. UEBA-enhanced insights allow security teams to detect sophisticated attacks that other technologies often miss.  Compromised credentials and […]

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test or pen test is a simulated cyber-attack against computer systems, application systems, and IT infrastructure to discover loopholes. These simulated cyber-attacks come in diverse forms with the intent of breaching a system through its servers, web or mobile applications, and other endpoints. The purpose of pen testing is to discover exploitable vulnerabilities in […]

Behavioral Indicators of Insider Threat Activity

Contrary to popular beliefs, an insider threat is not always a security risk within an organization's immediate perimeter. Current employees and managers aside, an insider threat could be a former employee who had access to specific information, a third-party consultant, or a business partner. In any case, malicious insiders account for about 38 percent of […]
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