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Tag: Cybersecurity

Strengthening State and Local Government Cybersecurity

Discover how Lumifi's expertise strengthened cybersecurity for state and local government agencies. By deploying a centralized security technology stack, agencies experienced increased response capabilities and reduced visibility gaps. The experienced SOC provided invaluable support, ensuring optimal protection against diverse attack types. Explore the case study for the full success story.

New Federal Standards Prioritize Logging to Detect, Prevent, and Remediate Cybersecurity Incidents

The Federal government has defined new standards for cybersecurity event logging systems. On May 12th, 2021, just days after the headline-making Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, the White House issued an executive order on improving the nation' cybersecurity.  

Top 5 Most Popular Cybersecurity Certifications

The cybersecurity analyst has become the third most valuable job description in the technology industry. The increasing security incidents to IT infrastructure, the demand for accountability from end-users, and the financial cost of successful breaches are significant reasons enterprises and startups are taking cybersecurity seriously. Ambitious professionals who choose a career in IT security are […]

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