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ShieldVision™ SLM

Security Log Management

Simplify Security Log Management with ShieldVision™ SLM. Take the first step towards the SOC Visibility Triad. Make sense of high-volume security logs with Lumifi. 

Cut Through the Clutter with Expert Log Management

Leverage Lumifi’s standard-setting approach to cost-effective log management. Gain access to the security event information you need, when you need it. More isn’t always better. Find out how you can prioritize log data more efficiently with Lumifi. 

Don’t Delete Logs to Cut Cloud Storage Costs — There’s a Better Way

Your security logs might hold valuable data for future investigations. Lumifi can help you gain in-depth visibility into historical log data without having to store them in high-cost cloud storage environments. Streamline log management costs without compromising visibility with ShieldVision™ SLM. 

Gain In-Depth Insight with ShieldVision™ SLM

ShieldVision™ is our state-of-the-art SOC automation service. Leverage contextualized insights drawn from every corner of the enterprise tech stack, supported by qualified expertise. 

Storing, accessing, and interpreting log data efficiently is crucial to implementing the full SOC Visibility Triad in your security tech stack. Take this opportunity to build security architecture you can rely on. 

Make the most of your security log data. Deploy ShieldVision™ SLM to get started. 

ShieldVision SLM 

Log Management

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