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ShieldVision™ MNDR

Managed Network Detection & Response

Take Control of Your Network with ShieldVision™ MNDR. Gain complete visibility into network security events as they occur in real-time. 

Detect Network Threats Before They Disrupt Operations

Our Managed Network Detection & Response service provides scalable visibility into every corner of your network, and augments network security alerts with comprehensive data and expert-led insight.  

Our world-class product experts have years of experience implementing, managing, and fine-tuning some of the industry’s most reputable NDR products: 

Deploy ShieldVision™ MNDR to gain unlimited visibility and control over your network. 

Gain Context Into Network Security Events As They Occur

Network detection and response is a vital part of the SOC Visibility Triad, providing early warning into lateral movement, insider threats, and network-based attacks. 

But traditional network alerts don’t come with the context and data analysts need to respond to these threats quickly. ShieldVision™ MNDR provides contextualized alerts that uncover the details behind every security event in near real-time. 

Don’t let attackers stay hidden on your network. Streamline network security with ShieldVision™ MNDR. 

ShieldVision™ automates SOC alerts and accelerates investigations

Lumifi’s proprietary SOC automation service makes security event investigation and response faster and more accurate. It enables us to offer in-depth data and expert-led analysis to every alert your security team receives in real-time. Improve your security workflows and gain confidence when making tough decisions with deep, highly contextualized security alerts.

Deploy the SOC Visibility Triad with ShieldVision™ MNDR Core

Shieldvision™ MNDR Core makes comprehensive security accessible to every organization, combining NDR, and SIEM 1.0 capabilities into a single managed solution delivered through our state-of-the-art SOC automation service. 

Secure your organization’s endpoints against external threats, monitor its networks against internal threats, and gain total visibility into your security posture with 24/7 monitoring, customized alarms, and near real-time alerts. 

Combine every pillar of the SOC VIsibility Triad into a single-managed solution. Secure your organization with Lumifi now. 

ShieldVision MNDR Comparison

Log Management

Looking for More? 

Talk to Our Engineering Team About Custom Functionality

Lumifi excels at customizing technology deployments to meet stringent operational security and compliance needs. Gain the flexibility of a customized NDR solution that fits your security tech stack like a glove.

Entrust your custom deployment to NDR experts. Contact our team and tell us what your customized solution looks like.
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