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Digital Risk

Keep Up With Your Expanding Attack Surface. Manage digital risk more effectively by analyzing your environment the way hackers do.

Gain a Hacker’s-Eye View of Your IT Environment

Take control over your organization’s attack surface with Lumifi’s digital risk management services. Find out which parts of your external-facing infrastructure are the most vulnerable to attack.

Lumifi’s digital risk services provide in-depth visibility into the threats your organization faces every day.

Augment Threat Detection with Digital Risk Protection

Proactive threat detection works best when fueled with comprehensive data on the organization’s real-world risk profile. Lumifi’s approach to digital risk protection gives SOC analysts the information they need to dramatically reduce risk.

Our partnership with Digital Shadows provides context and prioritization to observed risk information so that security teams can take better, more complete remediation actions.

Start proactively addressing your organization’s vulnerabilities now.

Digital Shadows + Lumifi: Amplified Digital Risk Protection

Our team uses Digital Shadows to provide insight and enriched context to external-facing vulnerabilities, allowing analysts to dig deeper when conducting security event investigations.

Digital Shadows aggregates threat intelligence data so analysts can monitor, manage, and remediate digital risk while conducting proactive threat hunting on customers’ behalf.

Don’t isolate digital risk protection from proactive threat detection. Give your security team the visibility and insight it needs.

Protect Your Brand Against Impersonation and Advanced Threats

Digital risk protection provides comprehensive information on your organization’s presence across the internet. Find out if hackers are spoofing your domain, creating fake web applications in your name, or impersonating your brand.

Protect your brand from easily overlooked threats like typosquatting and URL hijacking. Find out if employee credentials and other sensitive company data is available for sale on the Dark Web.

Control Digital Risk With Digital Shadows

Lumifi excels at implementing and configuring risk management tools like Digital Shadows to reflect customers’ real-world risks. Optimize your risk management capabilities with our help.

Rely on Lumifi to maximize the effectiveness of your risk management strategy:

  • Gain confidence in risk management insights. Gain the peace of mind that comes from certain knowledge.
  • Lower the total cost of ownership. Enhance risk management with lower resource requirements, fewer limits, and lower costs.
  • Take faster action against threat actors. Deploy incident response playbooks while eliminating false positives and noise.
  • Access highly qualified expertise. Draw on the experience of highly qualified threat-hunting professionals when you need it most.


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Make Lumifi your trusted provider of proactive threat detection and digital risk management services. Discover how our technological expertise, scalable services, and co-managed model can help you defend your organization against brand impersonation, credential-based attacks, and more.

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