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Lumifi ShieldVision™ Enriched Insight, Led by Human Expertise

Every piece of data you need to know about security events on your network, delivered in minutes.

Contextualize Every Security Alert 

Lumifi's innovative SOC automation service enriches security alerts with deep context and valuable intelligence from every source in the security monitoring stack. When a suspicious behavior alert is received, it includes detailed information on the activity, its purpose, and how it infiltrated the network.

Our SOC team, utilizing ShieldVision™, crafts impactful alerts with extensive background data and personalized security recommendations. Empower your team to act decisively as new security threats arise, providing the peace of mind that only expert-led certainty can offer

Transforming Security Insights Beyond Data Aggregation

ShieldVision™ isn't just a tool for aggregating security data—it's a personalized SOC automation service offering unique insights into how security events impact your organization's risk profile. When malicious activity occurs, analysts use ShieldVision™ to scan the environment, leveraging historical queries and automated scans to understand the threat's nature, duration, and capabilities.

Our detection engine highlights the most crucial correlations, equipping our security analysts with the information needed to interpret the context within your organization. Receive detailed alerts, guiding you on everything pertinent to the security event, including recommended actions.


ShieldVision™ Ingests Information From Anywhere & Any Time

ShieldVision™ draws its information from every data source in the security tech stack – including historical data. Our SOC analysts can query logs of security data from the past and observe how similar security events played out in previous scenarios. 

Conducting investigations of this depth can lead to any number of valuable insights: 

  • Is the security event part of a larger cyberattack? 
  • Have additional, undiscovered security incidents already occurred on your network? 
  • What type of response led to the best outcome for this type of event? 

Make the Right Decision Every Time 

Investigating security events and making recommendations is part of every SOC analyst’s job – but huge backlogs of unresolved events can drag down performance and introduce uncertainty into incident response outcomes.  

ShieldVision™ transforms SOC scalability by completing hours-long investigations in mere minutes. It enables our team to deliver deep, highly contextual insights to customers even when bombarded with advanced threats and zero-day exploits from every direction. Lumifi always provides its customers with the information they need to make the right decision when it matters most. 

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