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Digital Shadows

Take control of your organization’s digital footprint. Identify exposed assets before attackers do. 

Keep up with your organization’s constantly expanding attack surface

Public-facing applications help organizations streamline complex processes and reduce user friction. They also make valuable targets for cybercriminals. Keeping track of the constant change in features and freshly exposed workflows can overwhelm even well-prepared security teams. 

 Digital Shadows helps security teams map their attack surface in real-time, providing contextualized insight into newly exposed applications as they come online. Making Digital Shadows part of your digital risk management strategy allows you to close external-facing security gaps before attackers exploit them. 

 Discover your organization’s external attack surface. Get an environment review to find out how. 

Protect users, employees, and customers from brand impersonation attacks

Digital Shadows constantly scans for domains, apps, and social media profiles that use your organization’s name, logo, or other information. It generates reports on domain squatting, URL hijacking, and phishing schemes that can lead to cyberattacks. 

 Get proactive when it comes to keeping users safe. Identify brand impersonation attacks and address them before they lead to significant consequences. Digital Shadows provides a comprehensive insight into how attackers are interacting with your digital footprint. 

 Implement Digital Shadows and stop fraud before it impacts your business. 

Get early warning alerts when company data is exposed in third-party breaches

You can’t secure what you don’t control. Company data can (and does) get exposed in third-party supply chain attacks. When this happens, you need to respond quickly and secure exposed systems before attackers start exploiting them. 

Lumifi uses Digital Shadows to provide fast, comprehensive data leakage detection and Dark Web monitoring services to customers. Find out when your organization’s data — including employee credentials — end up for sale on cybercriminal marketplaces. 

Stay on top of your organization’s digital risk profile. Talk to a risk management expert. 


Make digital risk management part of your security strategy with Lumifi ShieldVision™

Our SOC utilizes Digital Shadows to detect and respond to exposed applications, brand impersonation attacks, and supply chain risks throughout the entire tech stack. Lumifi’s automated SOC service provides you with digital risk management insights in near real-time so you can protect your infrastructure, brand, and users quickly. 

Rely on deep, contextualized alerts that offer comprehensive information on emerging threats in near real-time. Empower your organization’s digital risk strategy with the unlimited visibility of Lumifi’s Glass Box approach to achieving the SOC Visibility Triad — combining SIEM, NDR, and EDR into a complete package for detecting and mitigating cyberattacks. 

Find out more about how Digital Shadows enhances Shieldvision™ by pinpointing exposed assets — wherever they are. 

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