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Accelerate Detection and Response with AI-enhanced XDR Capabilities

Neutralize active threats without risking business disruption

Extended detection and response platforms enable security teams to build and execute highly automated response playbooks without manual intervention. This gives organizations lightning-fast security capabilities – but it also enables lightning-fast disruption when encountering false positives.

Crowdstrike Falcon XDR is a unified detection and response platform that correlates data from multiple components automatically. It allows analysts to build and deploy end-to-end incident response playbooks that trigger the moment it detects suspicious behavior on endpoints, cloud workloads, or other assets.

XDR misconfigurations can have unpredictable impacts on usability. Organizations can’t risk automatically blocking mission-critical traffic or preventing legitimate users from accessing business assets.

Managed XDR provides 24/7 coverage and on-demand expertise

  • Customize your Crowdstrike Falcon XDR implementation to meet your organization’s real-world security needs.

  • Fine-tune your XDR platform to avoid damaging usability with misconfigured automation.

  • Integrate your entire tech stack into Falcon XDR so your security team can respond effectively to any threat.

  • Deploy custom rules that map to your organization’s unique risk profile, without relying on default configurations.

Improve Response Speed & Accuracy with Lumifi ShieldVision™

  • Crowdstrike Falcon XDR requires telemetry that describes threat actor tactics and targets.

  • Lumifi’s proprietary ShieldVision™ SOC automation service leverages the three pillars of the SOC Visibility Triad to deliver detailed alerts in real-time.

  • Our product experts use your own security event data to fine-tune your XDR rulesets, improving security and usability continuously over time.

Make Lumifi your Crowdstrike implementation partner

  • Empower your security team. Our highly trained Crowdstrike product experts act as an extension of your team from our fully equipped, US-based SOC.

  • Customize detection and response rules. Lumifi has developed 1800+ custom rules to improve its detection and response capabilities across multiple tool sets.

  • Partner with product experts. We bring unparalleled experience with complex XDR deployments for small businesses, global enterprises, and everything in between.

  • Gain unprecedented visibility. Lumifi uses a glass box approach to give customers complete visibility and control over their security processes and workflows.

  • Trust award-winning industry leaders. Lumifi has earned multiple awards for its best-in-class managed detection and response capabilities and near 100% renewal rate.

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