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Don’t make compromises when it comes to data observability and storage. Cribl gives you the freedom to store, route, and transform your data according to your needs.

Simplify enterprise data flows without slowing down

Most security leaders have to choose between data observability, flexibility, and cost. The traditional enterprise IT environment offers few options for enhancing observability without slowing down mission-critical tasks. 

Cribl lets you route data from any source to any destination without adding new agents. It processes data in flight, simplifying data management and governance straining already limited IT resources. 

Achieve data observability and guarantee data availability at any scale. Add Cribl to your detection and response workflow now. 

Make vendor lock-in a thing of the past

Cribl is built on a set of vendor-agnostic protocols compatible with any tech stack. Connect any data source to any tool or platform and disconnect tools you don’t use without the risk of losing your data. 

Enhance your security operations with unlimited observability, flexibility, and cost control. Cribl ensures your security tools and platforms work for you — instead of the other way around. 

Stop overpaying for security event log storage

Implementing the SOC Visibility Triad involves managing an enormous volume of logs. Keeping log data in your SIEM can significantly increase storage and performance costs. 

Cribl Stream lets you store data in a secure, low-cost data lake and “replay” historical data when conducting investigations. Minimize your high-cost storage needs without sacrificing operational security. 

Cut down data management and governance costs with Cribl. Talk to an expert to find out how. 

Never lose track of historical security event logs again

High-cost storage leads to risky compromises — like deleting old logs to make space for new ones. This can introduce gaps in security event investigations, potentially letting dangerous breaches go unnoticed. 

With Cribl, you won’t have to delete valuable log data ever again. Store historical and compliance-driven log data to a low-cost data lake and pull it out when you need it. 

Take control of your security posture with Cribl’s observability solutions and Lumifi expertise. 

Enrich and normalize data in real-time

Configure Cribl to only send valuable data from a source stream and enrich it for immediate use. Eliminate duplicate fields and null values so you have high-quality data available at a moment’s notice. 

Streamline your security operations with high-quality data you can control. Speak to a Lumifi data observability expert to find out how. 


Add Cribl observability solutions to any Lumifi product package

Cribl grants unlimited observability, low-cost storage, and historical replay capabilities to any Lumifi security package. Find out how Cribl add-ons enhance our comprehensive managed detection and response services. 

Get an Environment Review now and discover the value of data observability. 


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