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Carbon Black

Scale your detection and response capabilities with unlimited visibility. Complete security event investigations in mere minutes with Carbon Black XDR.

Eliminate blindspots and enable proactive threat hunting

Threat actors don’t stop at the endpoint, and neither should your security operations. Conducting investigations into security events often requires manually querying dozens of different tools and platforms, hoping to find useful information.

VMWare Carbon Black XDR gives security teams complete visibility into network assets like endpoints, cloud workloads, and more. It allows analysts to investigate suspicious activities in real-time and launch cloud-scale threat hunting initiatives in response. Carbon Black’s scalable ecosystem is designed to maximize analyst efficiency without requiring major infrastructure changes.

But taking advantage of Carbon Black’s automation and integration capabilities requires in-depth product knowledge. Expert-led implementation expands detection coverage and prevents false positives.

Remove friction from your detection and response workflows

  • Gain complete visibility and control over your organization’s assets and data using Carbon Black XDR

  • Leverage Carbon Black’s extensive automation capabilities to streamline proactive threat hunting.

  • Take advantage of Carbon Black’s native integrations and enhance incident response and investigation with third-party security controls.

  • Proactively hunt for abnormal network activity and investigate suspicious behaviors using threat intelligence and custom queries.

Gain on-demand context into security events with Lumifi ShieldVision™

  • Carbon Black XDR provides XDR network telemetry along with network connection visibility and intrusion detection system (IDS) data.

  • Lumifi’s proprietary ShieldVision™ SOC automation service aggregates data from your tech stack and correlates it according to the three pillars of the SOC Visibility Triad: EDR, NDR, and SIEM.

  • ShieldVision™ gives our analysts the ability to extrapolate Carbon Black XDR data with the rest of your security tech stack and deliver personalized alert notifications in real-time.

Entrust your Carbon Black XDR implementation to Lumifi

  • Scale your XDR deployment. Our security operations staff consists of Carbon Black product experts ready to provide comprehensive 24/7 coverage.

  • Enhance your detection ruleset. We have built 1800+ custom rules that correspond with unique risk factors across multiple tech stacks.

  • Conduct proactive threat hunting. Lumifi expands your security capabilities with proactive threat hunting that stops attackers before they strike.

  • Gain complete visibility. Our glass box approach allows customers to observe their data and maintain control over it without compromise.

  • Trust award-winning MDR leaders. Lumifi is an award-winning managed detection and response service provider

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