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Emergency Incident Response

Emergency Incident Response Demands Your Full Attention and Resources

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Active cyberattacks can disrupt business operations, damage reputation, and compromise sensitive data. From the moment you detect the first indicators of compromise, the race is on.

You need to act quickly and effectively, but your IT team can’t afford to drop everything at a moment’s notice. You may not have the resources or specialist talent you need to properly respond to an ongoing security incident. This is especially true when facing complex multi-vector attacks. Confronting a sophisticated and persistent threat actor can feel like playing a game of whack-a-mole that’s rigged against you – every time you close a security gap, a new one pops up in its place.

Robust Emergency Incident Response is Built On Automation, Visibility, and Scalability

  • Security teams can’t afford to spend time performing manual operations on dozens of different security tools. They need rapid, highly automated solutions that mitigate threats quickly. 
  • Comprehensive incident response requires in-depth visibility into your IT infrastructure. You need to know where sensitive data lives on your network, and how threat actors can get there. 
  • The size and scope of the incident dictates the size and scope of your response. You need to be prepared to bring in additional talent and resources at a moment’s notice. 

Entrust Your Incident Response Workflow to Lumifi

Lumifi provides security leaders with on-demand access to expert security talent from its 24/7 SOC II Type 2-certified Security Operations Center. We provide scalable, on-demand talent from highly trained US-based experts using some of the world’s most advanced security tools to detect and mitigate active threats. 

Our team can help you mitigate ongoing risks and reduce the impact of active cyberattacks right now. We leverage highly automated incident response playbooks to investigate unauthorized behavior, block malicious processes, and mitigate attack risks. 

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deployment and scalable incident response for every kind of security incident. 
  • World-class expertise and specialist talent available when you need it most. 
  • Improved security outcomes delivered by industry veterans who understand your

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