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Lumifi provides Vensure with scalable, on-demand security services that unlock real value.

Human resources firms constantly onboard new users and must continuously monitor their performance to ensure customer satisfaction. They must also process a great deal of sensitive data, from employee histories to payroll information. To do this, HR providers like Vensure offer an implicit guarantee of their employees’ fundamental trustworthiness. 

Delivering on that promise is not always easy. High throughput can strain security resources and lead to operational underperformance. Not only does Vensure have to protect against a wide range of external threats, but it must also be prepared to detect and mitigate internal threats as well.  

A run-of-the-mill SIEM 1.0 solution would not do. Vensure needed a solution that would continuously validate the actions of authorized users – like new employees – and trigger alerts when it discovered suspicious activity. 

At the same time, Vensure’s enterprise growth strategy is heavily reliant on acquisitions. The company is purchasing companies and integrating their teams on a monthly basis. These new teams require a standardized security framework that is flexible enough to respond to their unique risk profiles.  

To maintain its reputation as a trustworthy HR service provider, Vensure needs to monitor a constantly fluctuating user base and constantly expand coverage to new users and endpoints. As an in-house solution, this would essentially mean exposing the company to unmanageable costs that amplify as the organization grows.  

Vensure needed a managed detection and response solution that could scale to meet its needs while driving down costs as the company grows.

Learn how Lumifi was able to scale Vensure's environment to meet its continual organizational growth. Read the full case study, now.


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