Optimizing Security Infrastructure for a Logistics Company: A Success Story

logistics cybersecurity case study


Company Size: 6000

Security Tools: PaloAlto XSIAM

Description of Pain or Challenge:​ The client had deployed RSA NetWitness and Palo Cortex but was unsatisfied with the deployment’s progress. They sought to consolidate into a single solution, eliminate the need for multiple systems, and required custom ingest and alert content for their proprietary solutions. Staffing a 24/7 SOC proved challenging, and they lacked the expertise to manage the technology effectively.

Solution Overview: Lumifi provided a solution that replaced multiple legacy SIEM deployments, enhancing visibility and enabling the SOC to take additional actions during incidents. This consolidation streamlined their technology stack onto the PaloAlto Networks platform. XSIAM, deployed via SaaS, granted remote access to employees.

Lumifi’s expertise and differentiators expanded account services, delivering a positive customer experience through exceptional service quality.

Technology Description: Content Development, PaloAlto XSIAM, In-depth knowledge of the client’s environments, and understanding of specific vertical needs.


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