Manufacturing Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing

Size: 7000 employees

Description of Pain or Challenge: Manufacturers often have a disproportionately large data environment in contrast to their in-house staff. Risks affecting supply chain and business operations pose a serious threat to manufacturers, as they can be exposed through any number of the IT systems critical to maintaining effective supply and distribution of materials.  Implementing a solution that fills the time/resource gap of the security team and provides detection and response capabilities across critical assets is imperative to a successful MDR program.  

Solution Overview: Competing with nearly 8 other MDR providers, Lumifi was able to offer the most comprehensive solution to address the requirements for this organization.  Lumifi was able to couple their client-centric services with an ecosystem of industry leading technologies to address the primary needs of the customer. 

Services Description:

  • 24×7 Alert Monitoring and Threat Validation 
  • Incident Remediation and Forensic Analysis 
  • Tuning/Filtering of Alerts 
  • Custom development of parsers, rules, alerts, API integrations, runbooks/playbooks, reports 
  • Full management of supported technology 
  • Automated Threat Response (SOARaaS) – complimentary to Sentinel SOAR functionality 
  • Advisory/consulting support for detection and response strategy 

Technology Description:

  • Microsoft Sentinel for log visibility into Microsoft services and critical applications/systems 
  • ExtraHop for north/south visibility, lateral movement visibility, asset discovery and network connected devices, and network performance monitoring for Primary DC, remote DC’s, and AWS environment 
  • Crowdstrike for Endpoint Detection and Response  
  • Proofpoint for additional Email visibility and context   

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