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Financial Organization Case Study

Description of Pain or Challenge: The financial services industry is one of the more mature markets requiring cybersecurity.  Smaller financial services firms typically have a limited team coupled with an advanced environment.  In this case this customer was looking for an MDR provider that could be a true partner and function as an extension of their team.  The Lumifi team took the time and effort to diligently evaluate and invest in the best security products for this organization.  They needed an MDR provider to not only fill the time and resource gap of threat management, but also create an operationally effective security ecosystem.

Solution Overview: Lumifi was able to offer the most comprehensive solution to address this customer’s requirements through their expertise and client-centric delivery model. Delivering the MDR service through a transparent and shared environment allowed Lumifi to work with this customer’s security team to develop and execute a vision of an integrated security platform.  This customer experienced a reduced time to detect, reduced time to respond, avoided false positives, and was able to save critical time and assets for their business endeavors. 

Services Description: 24×7 Alert Monitoring and Threat Validation Incident Remediation and Forensic Analysis Tuning/Filtering of Alerts Custom development of parsers, rules, alerts, API integrations, runbooks/playbooks, reports Full management of supported technology Automated Threat Response (SOARaaS) – complimentary to Sentinel SOAR functionality Advisory/consulting support for detection and response strategy

Technology Description: Microsoft Sentinel for log visibility into Microsoft services and critical applications/systems Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


Financial Services (Asset Management)

Company Size

350 employees

Technology Partners

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