Enhancing Healthcare Security: A Success Story

Industry: Healthcare

Size: 11,000

Security Tools: RSA NetWitness, Lumifi MDR Services, Lumifi’s ShieldVision

Challenge: An existing RSA customer, a hospital, recognized the need for enhanced security operations despite using a Government, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solution.

Solution: We proposed RSA NetWitness as a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating with their current SIEM, EDR solution, firewalls, and existing network infrastructure. Our 24/7/365 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provided improved visibility. Partnering with a dedicated MDR provider who communicated regularly and acted as an extension of their security team was crucial. This allowed the hospital’s security team to focus on proactive, strategic initiatives, boosting efficiency and achieving GRC goals.

Technology Description: RSA NetWitness for Packets and Logs, Lumifi Managed Security Services, Lumifi ShieldVision


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