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Overcoming Security Challenges in the Aerospace and Defense Sector

Security Tools: RSA Netwitness​

Description of Pain or Challenge:​ Our aerospace and defense client had deployed RSA Netwitness, a powerful security tool. However, they encountered dissatisfaction with the deployment's progress and completion. The main pain points were the lack of readily available custom content to address their specific needs and the inability to establish a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) due to resource constraints. Furthermore, their existing staff lacked the necessary expertise to effectively onboard and manage the new SIEM technology.​

Solution Overview: Recognizing the significance of CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) compliance in the aerospace and defense sector, our team brought a wealth of expertise in this area during the sales process. This expertise played a crucial role in their decision to choose our services. Additionally, our team's extensive experience with RSA Netwitness and our proficiency in creating tailor-made content, conducting threat-hunting operations, and overall security management proved to be key advantages that set us apart from the competition. Furthermore, we fulfilled their requirements for staffing, ensuring they had the necessary resources to maintain their security posture effectively.​

Since the engagement began, our team quickly identified several issues in their existing administrative processes. We efficiently addressed these concerns and demonstrated our exceptional services, impressing the client. As a result, they decided to redirect their spending from other professional vendors to further invest in our services. This transition allowed our team to take the lead and steer the project towards success.​

Technology Description: Our solution encompassed comprehensive content development, leveraging the capabilities of RSA Netwitness, and utilizing our profound compliance knowledge, particularly in CMMC. This combination of technological prowess and expertise empowered us to provide an effective and tailored security solution for our aerospace and defense client.​

Lumifi Cybersecurity Aero space and defense case study; RSA Netwitness


Aerospace and Defense​ Case Study

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