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VIDEO: Remote Workforce Roundtable Interview with Greg Foss

The full interview with Greg Foss, Senior Threat Researcher at VMware Carbon Black an endpoint protection focused cybersecurity solutions provider. The interview is around the recent shift to a remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics of the interview include the marketing hype, addressing a remote workforce and moving forward with the Coronavirus implications.

Questions Include:

  • What has changed for your organization and how are you dealing with it?
  • What have been the biggest pain points from customers and how are they addressing them?
  • How has a sudden increased remote workforce impacted risk for your customers?
  • Have you noticed any common trends to mitigate this risk?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts?
  • As the world gets more accustomed to working remote, how do you see the landscape of cyber security changing?
  • How does your solution change?

As always, Lunifi strives to be a leader in thought and innovator in the managed cybersecurity space. If you have any questions about how to secure your business during this time, make sure to contact us for a no-cost remote security consultation.


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