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Mimecast: Outlook Plugin

By Lumifi Cyber  |  September 3, 2020

Mimecast is a security company that offers solutions for corporate users to secure their email communications along with threat detection technologies.

Mimecast Outlook Plugin is a tool that works on Microsoft Exchange servers to protect your email platform within the widely used Outlook platform, covering a variety of threats.

How the Mimecast Outlook Plugin Works

Mimecast for Outlook enables users to access Mimecast email protection and other security services inside the Outlook interface.

Unlike other email protection services, the Mimecast Outlook Plugin connects you to cyber defenses beyond spam filtering. It also protects you against spear-phishing attacks, impersonation attacks, internal email threats, and ransomware threats.

Mimecast Targeted Attack Protection detects spear-phishing threats both inside and outside your perimeter while neutralizing brand imitation outside your perimeter.

While guarding you against impersonation, the solution also connects you to tools that monitor your internal email communications to detect compromised email accounts and accounts that are being taken over.

The Outlook Plugin also unlocks Mimecast features that detect ransomware before the malicious code breaks into your systems and finds malicious internal emails.

Features of the Mimecast Outlook Plugin

Apart from connecting you to the Mimecast’s security platform, the Outlook Plugin provides you with additional email continuity and regulatory compliance features.

Users can archive messages and search within extensive message archives containing both files and documents. There is an option to report potential spam to Mimecast and manage blocked and permitted senders.

The solution allows you to send and receive email messages even during periods of service outage and switch between multiple accounts you are permitted to manage.

System administrators can specify messages, attachments, or message types that are assigned a special status and are not delivered directly to a user’s email box. Those messages are kept in quarantine in a space called Hold Queue. Then, the user can perform specific actions to retrieve, permit, or block the messages in the queue, if the recipient considers the respective message is safe.


Mimecast Outlook Plugin connects enterprise users to a complex set of email protection tools that work in the content of the Microsoft Exchange server and the familiar Microsoft Outlook email messaging platform. It arms you with some unique features such as protection against impersonation and monitoring of internal email accounts for breaches.

By Lumifi Cyber

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