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Network Monitoring

Integrate Network Detection and Response into Your Security Strategy

If your organization has gaps in its network monitoring capabilities, it might suffer from unexpected performance issues, traffic bottlenecks, and security vulnerabilities. Users may not be able to rely on the availability, performance, and integrity of network assets.

But there’s a problem. Traditional network monitoring tools don't provide the level of visibility and insight you need to manage complex and dynamic network environments. You need a solution that can help you observe and secure network assets while integrating every data source on the network – regardless of vendor.

Uncover the Truth with Comprehensive Network Monitoring

  • Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions must cover the entire network without leaving blind spots attackers can exploit. 
  • Comprehensive coverage helps detect and mitigate threats faster, reducing risk while granting total observability into network traffic. 
  • True visibility isn’t possible in a siloed enterprise technology environment. Every obstacle to visibility is a potential security blind spot.

Enrich Network Monitoring Insights with Lumifi

IT teams need a network monitoring solution that provides observability and security in a way that meets the stringent demands of modern enterprise organizations. Lumifi leverages industry-leading technology partnerships to deliver powerful, feature-rich solutions for obtaining visibility into network performance – without changing your current tech stack in the process.

Our NDR partners include: 

  • NetWitness. Eliminate blind spots while enhancing the usability and efficiency of your network assets, whether they live on the cloud, on-premises, or in users’ pockets. 
  • ExtraHop. Leverage full-scale network visibility to see security threats before they disrupt business operations. Conduct deep network forensics across your entire environment with speed and precision. 

 We automate deep network insights using Lumifi ShieldVision™, our proprietary SOC automation service. Provide analysts with a complete picture of network threats and issues so they can mitigate threats in real-time.

Why Choose Lumifi as your Network Monitoring Partner?

  • Complete visibility helps you identify and resolve security issues before they impact business operations. 
  • AI-powered workflows enrich network performance data and grant IT teams a deeper understanding of their environment. 
  • Eliminate security gaps and uncover hidden risks in complex enterprise environments. Identify risks early on and close security gaps before it’s too late.

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