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How to Access and View Event Logs Using Exabeam in Linux

Examining event and endpoint logs is the first step towards building comprehensive customized rulesets.  Many information security leaders have significant deployments on open-source operating systems based on the Linux kernel, and for good reason. Linux distributions like Debian and Ubuntu have a reputation for visibility and security at a price that's impossible to beat – […]

Craft Custom Rules to Improve Exabeam Performance: Part 2

Enriched data enables analysts to conduct faster, more accurate investigations in Exabeam.  The first part of this series covered some of the ways analysts can use context to build custom rules in Exabeam. Teaching Exabeam to recognize network zones and asset groups enables security professionals to cluster similar behaviors together, making it easier to investigate […]

How Data Lake and Cloud Archive Can Improve Your Security Posture

Is your business weighing out the pros and cons of data lake and cloud archive? We can help with that. What we need to establish first is how does your organization handle the compliance regarding your company' and customer' data? Where does that data reside? Is it secure, and if you needed to recall aging data […]

Top 5 Takeaways for NIST 800-53 Rev 5

Recapping a highlight from Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released an update to its master IT security guidance document, Special Publication 800-53. This update, "Rev 5," is the first major change to SP 800-53 in seven years, and a lot has changed in cybersecurity since 2013. The new […]

Leveraging the Power of Exabeam

Organizations of all sizes are dealing with more data than ever before, and as Lumifi learns about increasingly complex attack vectors, it is worth noting that traditional SIEM may no longer fit the purpose of the modern security program. Traditional SIEMs are based on correlation rules, with no machine learning and no behavioral monitoring. Security teams, […]

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