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Cyber Security for Insurance Companies

Whether you're selling life insurance policies or processing auto claims Lumifi provides industry-leading managed detection and response cyber security services with an emphasis on white-glove service and first-rate results.

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Protect your business with a comprehensive cybersecurity policy

Insurance companies have begun to be targeted by cyber-criminals for their massive databases of personal information about their clients. Global consulting firm Protiviti found a dramatic increase in the amount of successful cyber attacks on insurance companies. Lumifi understands the cybersecurity challenges insurance companies face each and every day.

Preserve public trust; Avoid identity theft

Insurance companies who experience breaches not only have to face potential lawsuits and fines but must also inform their customers when their sensitive data has been compromised. Companies see major dips in customer and public confidence when they are breached, with many turning into PR nightmares. Maintaining trust in a competitive market is essential for insurance firms who protect the public from their worst fears like car accidents or work injuries; don't let identity theft be one of them. Lumifi has experts who can help keep your company and client data secure and compliant.

Expanding digital services

In such a competitive industry, many insurance firms are making the jump to digital, turning paper into data. When insurance companies create user-friendly claims apps or online dashboards, their digital footprint grows exponentially. Lumifi understands how to help companies build, implement, and scale a resilient cybersecurity strategy.

Act before legislation and regulation passes

As more insurance agencies employ digital services and more cyber attacks fill the headlines, the public feels increasingly vulnerable. In response, 31 states in the US enacted cybersecurity-related legislation in 2019, with many focused on regulating cybersecurity within the insurance agency, according to The National Conference of State Legislatures.

This complicated regulatory environment requires reconciling new digital management solutions within compliance guidelines. Lumifi's tool-agnostic approach helps us fit within different regulative environments, merging with existing tools to expand coverage.

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You're in the business of insuring clients against what keeps them up at night, whether it be an accident or even death. Make sure your company is equipped to protect, handle and recover from one of its worst nightmares: a breach. Our team is standing by 24/7/365, ready to help you upgrade your cybersecurity strategy.

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