Lumifi Looks to Buy MDR Providers

Cost-Effective Log Management: What Log Data Does Your SIEM Need?

Optimize your SIEM implementation by avoiding redundant analysis and focusing on the highest-value log data first. 

Deciding which logs to analyze is an important step in the process of SIEM implementation. Every organization must answer this question based on its own network infrastructure, security posture, and risk profile. 


Compromised Credential Attacks Are Top Cause of Data Breaches

The use of stolen or compromised credentials remains the most common cause of a data breach. It was responsible for 19% of breaches studied by IBM in 2022. The reason? These attacks are relatively easy to plan and execute.


Protect Your Security Budget Against Economic Risks with MDR

Security leaders are increasingly being asked to do more with less. In-house capabilities don't scale fast enough to keep up. 

Business leaders are cutting costs across the board in preparation for a potential recession. Business units that were used to receiving ample funding are hitting limits to near-term growth. Organizations that used to fund ambitious growth targets for tech integration and cybersecurity are starting to cut back. 


Phishing Among Top Cyber Threats Targeting Financial Services



A Malicious Insider Attack Poses Costly and Silent Threats to the Finance Industry


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EDR vs XDR – Which is the Best Solution for Your Business?

Both technologies provide endpoint protection, but with different levels of sophistication.  

For years, endpoint detection and response (EDR) has formed the backbone of many enterprise cybersecurity solutions. EDR technology enables greater visibility into systems, allowing security professionals to detect threats from file-less attacks, document-based malware, and zero-day exploits. 


Incident Response in Exabeam: How to Create Playbooks and Automate Security Incident Resolution

Learn how to use the platform's security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution to quickly investigate and resolve security incidents. 

Exabeam enables security teams to automate their response to security incidents, dramatically reducing the time and resources required to mitigate active attacks. The platform's Incident Responder lets analysts automate time-consuming tasks when investigating incidents and neutralizing attacks, enabling organizations to immediately respond to threats in real time. 


Keep Your Digital Footprint in Step with Your Information Security Needs

Every online action you perform involves sharing a bit of data – over time, that data can add up. 

Successful organizations and influential people rely on the public Internet to promote their brands, ideas, and products. A significant amount of time and energy goes into building a brand, and most of it is spent online. 


How to Create a Ransomware-Ready Disaster Recovery Plan

Data disasters come in all shapes and forms, and enterprises need to have multi-layered contingencies in place.

A good enterprise disaster recovery plan protects against a wide variety of scenarios. It must ensure business continuity – or provide a plausible roadmap for it – in case of natural disasters, human errors, and malicious cyberattacks.