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How to Configure Your Windows Audit Policy to Optimize SIEM Performance

You can significantly improve Windows' log reporting capabilities with a few key changes. Your SIEM works by collecting log data from across the enterprise IT environment. The more detailed and comprehensive these logs are, the more accurate its insights will be. Although Windows has a basic set of log reporting capabilities built in, the operating […]

Beginners Guide to IDS, IPS & UTM

There is often a lingering and general confusion over the acronyms IDS and IPS, and how they are like or unlike UTM software modules. Everyone likes primers and simple descriptive definitions; so let's take a look at IDS, IPS, and UTM through that lens. IDS An Intrusion Detection Sensor (IDS) is a tool that most […]


Adblocking is becoming a more and more contentious topic in recent days. Publications, understandably, do not want people to block ads - they derive much of their revenue from them. Users find them to be intrusive and often feel that they impede their usage of a site; and, given the recent meteoric rise of malvertising, […]

Network segmentation

Network segmentation is the practice of dividing a formerly 'flat' network [where every device can contact every other device] into a series of segments that have restricted communication between them. What's this mean in real terms, though? And why would you want it - and is it useful outside of making PCI compliance easier? In […]

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