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Keep Your Digital Footprint in Step with Your Information Security Needs

Every online action you perform involves sharing a bit of data – over time, that data can add up.  Successful organizations and influential people rely on the public Internet to promote their brands, ideas, and products. A significant amount of time and energy goes into building a brand, and most of it is spent online. 

How to Create a Ransomware-Ready Disaster Recovery Plan

Data disasters come in all shapes and forms, and enterprises need to have multi-layered contingencies in place. A good enterprise disaster recovery plan protects against a wide variety of scenarios. It must ensure business continuity – or provide a plausible roadmap for it – in case of natural disasters, human errors, and malicious cyberattacks. 

How to Access and View Event Logs Using Exabeam in Linux

Examining event and endpoint logs is the first step towards building comprehensive customized rulesets.  Many information security leaders have significant deployments on open-source operating systems based on the Linux kernel, and for good reason. Linux distributions like Debian and Ubuntu have a reputation for visibility and security at a price that's impossible to beat – […]

How to Alleviate Alert Fatigue When Enterprise Security Needs Keep Growing

Cybersecurity leaders prioritize security event management efficiency now more than ever. Security analysts receive messages and alerts all day long. It' a core part of the job. 
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