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How to Create a Ransomware-Ready Disaster Recovery Plan

Data disasters come in all shapes and forms, and enterprises need to have multi-layered contingencies in place. A good enterprise disaster recovery plan protects against a wide variety of scenarios. It must ensure business continuity – or provide a plausible roadmap for it – in case of natural disasters, human errors, and malicious cyberattacks. 

The 3 Types of Firewalls: What Is the Most Secure Type of Firewall?

We'll chat more in detail further along here, but right away, we want to tell you what the three types of firewalls are:

What Is SOAR Security?

The SOAR in SOAR security stands for:

How to Configure Your Windows Audit Policy to Optimize SIEM Performance

You can significantly improve Windows' log reporting capabilities with a few key changes. Your SIEM works by collecting log data from across the enterprise IT environment. The more detailed and comprehensive these logs are, the more accurate its insights will be. Although Windows has a basic set of log reporting capabilities built in, the operating […]

How Advanced MDR Helps with Security Detection and Response of 7 Common Threats

677.66 million. That's the number of cumulative detections of newly-developed malware applications worldwide in 2020. If you think your organization's basic antivirus software can keep up with this constant barrage of attacks, well, it's simply not possible.

The True Cost of Information Security

In-House vs. Outsourced SIEM Management: Discover the True Cost of IT Security (Updated November 2022) Your SIEM management needs will grow over time. Can your information security team follow suit? Security information event management is one of the pillars of effective information security. Capturing and investigating event logs lets security operators detect and respond to […]


Adblocking is becoming a more and more contentious topic in recent days. Publications, understandably, do not want people to block ads - they derive much of their revenue from them. Users find them to be intrusive and often feel that they impede their usage of a site; and, given the recent meteoric rise of malvertising, […]

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