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Continuous Threat Monitoring

Security threats don’t always happen during business hours. Your organization’s security depends on delivering 24/7 cloud-based security and health monitoring through a fully equipped security operations center (SOC).

Lumifi’s MDR service delivers high-impact security insights that include customized threat hunting and proactive incident response playbooks informed by the latest threats. We leverage best-in-class SIEM technologies like Exabeam, NetWitness, and Azure Sentinel to catch emerging threats before they disrupt business operations.

Manage Digital Risk with Proactive Threat Hunting  

Add to the power of your SIEM implementation with digital risk management solutions that provide in-depth context to activity logs and network traffic data. Discover your organization’s attack surface and use that information to create highly customized response playbooks. 

As a Lumifi customer, your security team can benefit from 24/7 threat monitoring based on your organization’s actual security risk profile. Our SOC team leverages best-in-class risk management and threat intelligence technologies to deliver real-time insights into emerging threats without dragging down performance with unrelated notifications and alerts. 

Anomali Threat Intelligence enables curated threat intelligence insights 

Effective threat monitoring demands in-depth information on emerging threat actors’ techniques, tactics, and procedures. When analysts understand threat actor motivations and attack vectors, they can respond more effectively to early warning signs that showcase unauthorized activity.

Integrate Anomali ThreatStream into your detection and response workflow and have industry-specific indicators of compromise (IoCs) pushed directly into your SIEM. Make context-driven decision-making a core part of your threat monitoring workflow. 

Digital Shadows gives you a hacker’s eye view of your attack surface. 

Find out what attackers see when they conduct reconnaissance on your organization’s public-facing applications. Identify and prioritize your vulnerabilities so you can detect threats on your network and remediate them before they lead to disastrous consequences.

Lumifi supports Cyberseer’s Digital Shadows risk management platform as a core element of its continuous threat monitoring service. Gain comprehensive visibility into your organization’s attack surface and find out what threats you need to focus on.

Gain 24/7 Coverage Against Advanced Threats

Lumifi provides customers with a comprehensive suite of security tools and services designed to catch emerging threats early, report on their activities, and deliver a comprehensive response. Our 24/7 SOC 2 Type II-certified operations center puts best-in-class technologies in the hands of dedicated analysts who understand how to detect and mitigate threats without compromise

Enhance Operational Security with Custom Threat Detection Rules

As a Lumifi customer, you gain the resources and expertise of an extended team of security experts working round-the-clock to keep your most valuable assets safe. We optimize your existing security tech stack with custom detection rules based on your real-world threat profile and informed by years of experience. 

We know what kinds of activities off-the-shelf SIEM implementations often miss. These vulnerabilities are overlooked precisely because catching them requires AI-enriched automation and in-depth human expertise working together – generic configurations just won’t cut it. 

In fact, we’ve created more than 1800 custom detection rules that you can only find at Lumifi.  

Implement a Better Detection and Response Workflow with Lumifi

Our unique combination of human expertise, AI-enriched insights, and proprietary tools and technologies make Lumifi an industry leader in continuous threat monitoring and detection. Schedule an Environment Review to discover how we can help your organization close its security gaps and catch unauthorized behavior at its source.

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