Enhance your organization’s cybersecurity expertise and bolster its security posture through Lumifi’s expert guidance, utilization of industry best practices, and valuable research insights.


Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face an ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks. The traditional reactive approach to cybersecurity is no longer sufficient

Introduction to Managed Detection Response (MDR):  Managed Detection Response (MDR) has emerged as a crucial component in the field of cybersecurity, providing

We’re thrilled to announce our momentous milestone as we start our journey of 15 years in the managed detection response field. Reflecting

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Discover how Lumifi's expertise strengthened cybersecurity for state and local government agencies. By deploying a centralized security technology stack, agencies experienced increased response capabilities and reduced visibility gaps. The experienced SOC provided invaluable support, ensuring optimal protection against diverse attack types. Explore the case study for the full success story.

Discover how Lumifi's proficiency in Microsoft Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint empowered an accounting firm to bolster their cybersecurity. Uncover the success story of streamlined operations and improved protection in this case study. Visit the link for more details.

In the high-stakes world of aerospace and defense, a company with 3000 employees encountered hurdles in their RSA Netwitness deployment. Faced with a scarcity of custom content and inadequate staffing for a 24/7 SOC, they sought Lumifi's solution. Armed with CMMC compliance expertise and proficiency in RSA Netwitness, Lumifi's team swiftly addressed existing issues, impressing the client and leading to a reevaluation of their security strategy. With content development, threat hunting, and seamless management, Lumifi emerged as the driving force behind their aerospace and defense client's cybersecurity success.