Manufacturing Case Study

Customer Stories

Industry: Manufacturing
Size: 7,000 employees
Description of Pain or Challenge:  Manufacturers often have a disproportionately large data environment in contrast to their in-house staff. Risks affecting supply chain and business operations pose a serious threat to manufacturers, as they can be exposed through any number of the IT systems critical to maintaining effective supply and distribution of materials.  Implementing a solution that fills the time/resource gap of the security team and provides detection and response capabilities across critical assets is imperative to a successful MDR program. 
Solution Overview:  Competing with nearly 8 other MDR providers, Lumifi was able to offer the most comprehensive solution to address the requirements for this organization.  Lumifi was able to couple their client-centric services with an ecosystem of industry leading technologies to address the primary needs of the customer.
Services Description: 24×7 Alert Monitoring and Threat Validation Incident Remediation and Forensic Analysis Tuning/Filtering of Alerts Custom development of parsers, rules, alerts, API integrations, runbooks/playbooks, reports Full management of supported technology Automated Threat Response (SOARaaS) – complimentary to Sentinel SOAR functionality Advisory/consulting support for detection and response strategy
Technology Description: Microsoft Sentinel for log visibility into Microsoft services and critical applications/systems ExtraHop for north/south visibility, lateral movement visibility, asset discovery and network connected devices, and network performance monitoring for Primary DC, remote DC’s, and AWS environment Crowdstrike for Endpoint Detection and Response  Proofpoint for additional Email visibility and context  

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