Legal Organization Case Study

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Industry: Legal
Size:  650 employees
Description of Pain or Challenge:  The success of a legal practice requires a focus on reputation management and nurturing the relationships that exist between the firm and their clients. Compared to other industries, the legal sector has an elevated risk of cyber threats primarily due to the confidential data and sensitive client information available to an attacker. Cybersecurity is not often at the top of the priority list because offices are filled with lawyers, and not IT teams. Considering this, the challenge becomes protecting sensitive data with limited skills and resources.
Solution Overview:  For this organization with limited resources, partnering with a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team became critical in protecting Corporate IP. The client in this study also wanted to consolidate technologies and re-platform in the cloud. Lumifi worked with the client on moving them from RSA SIEM to Palo Alto Cortex XDR with the Data Lake. Content from the de-commissioned system was ported to the new cloud-based environment. Lumifi continued working with the client as it’s MDR provider, successfully maintaining the firms security posture.
Services Description: MDR Service for 24×7 Alert Monitoring and Threat Validation Incident Remediation and Forensic Analysis Migration of existing content package to Cortex platform Tuning/Filtering of Alerts Custom development of parsers, rules, alerts, API integrations, reports Full management of supported technology Automated Threat Response (SOARaaS) – complimentary to Palo Alto XSOAR functionality Advisory/consulting support for detection and response strategy
Technology Description: Palo Alto Cortex XDR with Data Lake.

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