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Cloud Security

Gain visibility into cloud workloads and close security gaps before attackers can exploit them.

Cloud technology gives organizations on-demand access to flexible, scalable infrastructure. However, cloud computing workloads and cloud-hosted applications also come with unique security concerns.

When any business unit can develop and host its own cloud applications, the volume and frequency of cloud security issues grows significantly. Traditional security operations do not have the flexibility or scalability that cloud infrastructure offers, leading to backlogs and compliance issues that are difficult to fix.

Cloud security must be as flexible and scalable as the cloud itself

  • If business units' provision new cloud infrastructure on demand, security teams need equally rapid ways to discover, assess, and remediate cloud vulnerabilities. Automation is key to meeting the security demands of a cloud-native business environment. 
  • Cloud service providers do not always provide the visibility that security teams need. Managing the organization’s attack surface demands unlimited visibility into cloud applications, workloads, microservices, and more. 
  • Cloud security workflows need in-depth customization to meet the unique needs of the environment. Deploying and configuring custom detection rules without in-depth product expertise can drag down security performance and introduce security gaps. 

Lumifi delivers customized cloud security with AI-powered automation

Lumifi’s cloud security expertise helps organizations meet cloud security objectives and demonstrate strict compliance. As a vendor-agnostic managed detection and response provider, we enable customers to make the most of their current capabilities and select the right technologies for their unique security needs. 

We build observability and automation into your security workflows, transforming the complex and time-consuming nature of cloud security. Our expertise in creating custom detection rules and automating incident response workflows gives you the upper hand against cloud security risks. 

Lumifi ShieldVision 2.0™ complements best-in-class cloud security technology

Our approach to cloud security leverages the unique capabilities of our centralized SOC (Security Operations Center) automation service, ShieldVision 2.0™. This platform provides advanced investigation tools, customizable reports, and multi-tenant MSP dashboards through a centralized interface. It allows us to conduct incident management, automate security tasks, and ingest data from multiple security tools seamlessly. 

That means every component of your tech stack contributes to your security posture, providing valuable context and data to the Security Operations Center (SOC). ShieldVision 2.0™ analyzes and enriches that data before sending it to an expert human analyst. Investigations that used to take hours now take mere minutes. 

Streamline cloud security with the power of the SOC Visibility Triad

ShieldVision 2.0™ contextualizes security alerts by ingesting data from every data source in the security tech stack. Lumifi delivers best-in-class cloud security by integrating some of the world’s most sophisticated security technologies into that stack and enhancing their performance with custom configuration and automation.

Our approach leverages each of the three pillars of the SOC Visibility Triad to deliver industry-leading cloud security outcomes:

 In practice, this might mean integrating cloud-native SIEM and XDR solutions through Microsoft Sentinel alongside a market-leading NDR provider like ExtraHop. Or it might mean augmenting your existing security tech stack with custom configuration and AI-powered automation. It could include leveraging an observability provider like Cribl to cut down data management and governance costs and achieve best-in-class cloud security performance without overpaying for infrastructure. 

Make Lumifi your Trusted Cloud Security Partner

Lumifi leverages world-class product expertise to make operational security excellence achievable for organizations of all sizes. We help small businesses, large institutions, and multinational enterprises protect their cloud deployments from data breaches, insider threats, compliance violations, and more. 

Find out how Lumifi can help you make the most of your security stack without locking you into vendor contracts or forcing you to rip-and-replace existing solutions. Speak to a cloud security specialist now and discover how Lumifi can help. 

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