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How to Alleviate Alert Fatigue When Enterprise Security Needs Keep Growing

Cybersecurity leaders prioritize security event management efficiency now more than ever. Security analysts receive messages and alerts all day long. It' a core part of the job. 

How Advanced MDR Helps with Security Detection and Response of 7 Common Threats

677.66 million. That's the number of cumulative detections of newly-developed malware applications worldwide in 2020. If you think your organization's basic antivirus software can keep up with this constant barrage of attacks, well, it's simply not possible.

EDR Endpoint Protection: What It Is, How It Works, and Its 5 Benefits to Businesses

The average IT department manages thousands of endpoints, each coming with a very real risk of cyberattack. From laptops and servers to IoT devices and digital assistants, hackers are constantly on the lookout for an open door to infiltrate.

Upgrade Your Audit Policies: What Should You Be Logging?

Your security response depends heavily on what data you log, and how you log it. Your security information and event management (SIEM) solution uses logs to build an accurate picture of your organization's security profile.  

What Is Managed Detection and Response and Why Do You Need It?

The security of data and systems is one of the most important concerns in today' business world. If your data is at risk or compromised, it can cripple your operations along with the trust others have in your business.

Lumifi's Complete Guide to Information Security Managed Services

Companies must protect important and sensitive data no matter its form. So, what is information security? It includes everything from making sure digital information is protected against hackers to assuring a physical filing cabinet full of billing information is defended against thieves.

Is SOAR A Must For Your Tech Stack?

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools enable analysts to establish efficient workflows for handling both common and highly sophisticated threats.  Even the best enterprise cybersecurity workflows suffer from scalability issues. 

The Necessity of Threat Hunting

Press play to get an inside look at how Lumifi works with Anomali ThreatStream.

How Fortune 200 Enterprises Select MDR Vendors

For large organizations, managed detection and response is just one of many cybersecurity solutions that must work together seamlessly. Enterprise cybersecurity professionals have to choose their tech stack wisely.  

New Federal Standards Prioritize Logging to Detect, Prevent, and Remediate Cybersecurity Incidents

The Federal government has defined new standards for cybersecurity event logging systems. On May 12th, 2021, just days after the headline-making Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, the White House issued an executive order on improving the nation' cybersecurity.  
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