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Mobile Tech in Healthcare Can Put Your Practice at Risk

By Elliot Anderson  |  September 4, 2023

Providing your patients with Wi-Fi while they wait, obtaining their information from an iPad, or allowing them to check their records online is simply expected and not seen as a luxury anymore. While you focus on providing the best health service for your patients, it is easy to under-estimate the risks that you may be putting your practice should you implement mobile tech without basic security measures.

With hackers out there “turning doorknobs” looking for unlocked networks, it’s absolutely necessary to not forget about security.

Many healthcare practices think a data breach will never happen to them. But the truth of the matter is that only “The Big Guys” like Anthem, Excellus and Premera (to name a few) make the Data Breach headlines… precisely why hackers primarily go after small practices!

After all, those smaller practices tend to lack the resources to keep their network security top-of-mind.

Protect your practice from being the next victim of a mobile tech data breach.

Provide your patients with the latest and most convenient technology you can while keeping their data and your practice secured. See how Lumifi can help make that happen.

By Elliot Anderson
Mobile Tech in Healthcare Can Put Your Practice at Risk

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